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  • Warren Buffet &Bill Gates — Business Experts who rank 2nd and 3rd on Forbes' list of billionaires
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The time for theory is over! It's time for affirmative action. We are about to enter a bold new world order for business. If you miss this then you will miss out on what could be the most remarkable period in history to be in business.

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Jack Canfield, Bestselling coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Propel Your Business Profitability into the Next Millennium

Here's how this book came to exist…

I got together with my friend Mark Thompson (Former Chief Communications Officer for Charles Schwab, a world-renowned executive coach, expert on innovation and customer engagement) and we interviewed the most successful business owners we could find and gleaned their best secrets.

Next, we reached into our own treasure chest of success strategies gleaned over the last 4 decades and pulled out the ones that apply most to today's crazy business world.

This is my all-time best business book ever. In it, we reveal what you absolutely must do today to propel your business profitably into the next millennium.

Now, Build a Great Business!

Inside, you'll find a hard-core business reality check. In 215 pages and 7 carefully designed chapters, you will discover what it's going to take to succeed in the coming economic meltdown.

It starts out with the cornerstone to all business success. From there it builds on this strong foundation to give you a rock solid guide to building your own business on solid ground.

As the book unfolds, I share the stories of other successful business owners who just like you had a dream and went for it. People who foresaw the coming business upheaval and prepared themselves to prosper in spite of it—these are real-life examples!

In just 7 succinct chapters, Mark and I lay out a clear, powerful, relevant and practical solution to guiding your business through the maze of uncertainty which lies ahead.

Read, absorb, and use the eclectic wisdom!
"Now, you are invited to read, absorb & use the eclectic wisdom of the world's greatest business thinkers to make your business insanely great."

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ®, Co-author, Cracking the Millionaire Code, The One Minute Millionaire, and Cash in a Flash, Author, Richest Kids in America

You'll learn how to:

  • Become a Great Leader—get superior results from everyone around you
  • Attract and Keep Great People—build peak-performing teams
  • Develop a Great Business Plan—structure your business to maximize every resource
  • Offer a Great Product or Service—identify exactly what your market needs
  • Deliver Superior Customer Service—make service your key competitive advantage
  • Create a Great Marketing Plan—position your business as the preeminent provider
  • Perfect Your Sales Process—motivate customers to buy again and again

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