Discover the powerful strategies and techniques proven to ignite business growth in this roadmap to business success

Now, Build a Great Business! offers readers a chance to learn 7 essential principles and strategies that anyone can use to increase their sales and profitability immediately, in virtually any business.No matter what industry you're in or what economic conditions you are facing, you can still build a phenomenally successful business.

Bestselling business authority Mark Thompson and international success expert Brian Tracy have joined forces on a revolutionary book whose ideas are as inspiring and thought-provoking as they are accessible, practical and proven to deliver results.

This fast-moving and engaging book explains how to:

  • Become a Great Leader—get superior results from everyone around you
  • Attract and Keep Great People—build peak-performing teams
  • Develop a Great Business Plan—structure your business to maximize every resource
  • Offer a Great Product or Service—identify exactly what your market needs
  • Deliver Superior Customer Service—make service your key competitive advantage
  • Create a Great Marketing Plan—position your business as the preeminent provider
  • Perfect Your Sales Process—motivate customers to buy again and again

“Thompson (Success Built to Last) and Tracy (No Excuses!) offer easy, tried-and-true ways to think about and plan organizational growth, especially in tough economic times. In seven steps (with a chapter devoted to each), the authors identify sustainable strategies for attracting customers and recruiting better leaders.

They share seven simple questions that leaders ask themselves and provide helpful checklist exercises on a variety of key topics including creating a great business plan, designing an effective marketing plan, and creating a good customer experience. In addition, they explore how to perfect the sales process, and their chapter on recruiting and motivating employees offers valuable advice on a tired subject—utilize the 'SWAN formula' (hire candidates who are Smart, Work hard, are Ambitious, and are Nice, positive people); establish expectations; and manage by objectives. While much of what's covered is simple and straightforward, readers will find the practical aspects and clear organization of this book particularly useful.”

Publisher's Weekly

“The ideas, strategies and tactics in this book will catapult you from where you are to where you want to be, faster and easier than ever before.”

John Assaraf, Bestselling author of The Answer