Internationally known best-selling author, sales trainer and speaker Brian Tracy wants to show you what's possible if you are one of only 100 people who want to learn…

“How To Finally End Procrastination, Make More Money, and Tackle Your Biggest Business and Life Challenges Quickly, Easily and Confidently”

This Brand-New system will renew your commitment to alleviating stress, making more money, and Taking Back Your Life

Brian Tracy

Dear Friend,

Have you ever been overwhelmed with your daily work load to the point where you just completely shut down? Do you ever feel like you could use a few more hours in your day? Do you feel that no matter what you do, you still never have enough time?

Are you constantly battling the clock to get your work done? Does it feel like you never seem to have enough quality time to spend with your family and friends—doing what you really want?

If you are like most people today, you're overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time.

Your most challenging task is the one you are most likely to procrastinate on—but it's also the one that will have the greatest positive impact on your life.

Forget your past mistakes, and conquer whatever has been holding you back, so you can set your priorities and regain your focus on what you really want

It's time for you to gain control of your life. Isn't it time for you to become the master of your time?

For over 30 years, I've helped tens of thousands of people, in 54 countries, break free from time-wasting vampires…And, now, I can help you get unstuck too!

Introducing a Proven System to Recapture Your Freedom

You may or may not have read my best-selling book Eat That Frog!

So, it may surprise you to know Eat that Frog! has sold over half a million copies and has been translated into 23 different languages.

People all over the world have transformed their lives because of the simple and practical ideas I revealed in my book.

"Eat that frog" is simply a metaphor for tackling the most challenging task of your day.

My Eat That Frog! concept shows you how to zero in on the critical tasks and organize each day—you'll not only get more done faster, but you'll also get the right things done.

Imagine what you will do with all your extra time.

You'll have more time to spend with family and friends, you'll even be able to pursue the hobby or sport you've never been able to find time for…until now.

I've now paired my best-selling book with several of MOST popular and proven time management programs—guaranteed to help you live the life you deserve.


Or make it an easy 2-pay

In this procrastination proof package, you'll learn how to:

And much, much more.

Or make it an easy 2-pay

You will learn how to become one of the most productive, efficient, and highly paid people in your field.

You'll finally know the secret to really getting more done in less time.

No theory here, just the facts.

No more excuses!

No more procrastinating!

Accomplish your highest and best value tasks each and every day.

Discover how to double and even triple your performance, productivity, output, and results.

Gain up to 2 extra hours of time each day. How much more could you get done?

This is the best-selling time management system in the world today, used by more than 2 million people in 32 countries.

Eat That Frog! 2nd Edition Book and Audio

Pump Up Your Profits

Eat That Frog! 2nd Edition—Soft cover book AND audio MP3

There simply isn't enough time in the day to do everything that is on your "to-do" list. You must MASTER how to accomplish those tasks in which will have the greatest impact on your success.

This book will allow you to:

  • Spend more time doing the things that matter most to you
  • De-stress so that you can sleep better and live a healthier life
  • Break out of your "time prison," and feel free to do what you want, when you want
  • Finally be able to actually USE your accrued vacation time
  • And much more!

After learning the techniques taught in my new Eat That Frog! System, you will be the one in control of the clock and not the other way around. $64.85 Value

How to Master Your Time

Discover how to get more done in less time, have more energy, make more money to spend doing the things you like, with the people that make you happy.

In this 6 CD set, you'll learn how to:

  • Model your own behavior after the most efficient people
  • Learn to lead others as an example of successful time management
  • Become results-oriented, working smarter, not harder
  • Delegate more effectively and become more adept at prioritizing
  • Energize yourself with the positive results of your labor

Listen to this CD set at home, in your car, or at work, and you'll be amazed at your new found motivation for productivity! $89.95 Value

The Life Planning Process

The Life Planning Process—44-page workbook

Discover how you can achieve all your goals faster than you ever thought possible. Do you want to become a leader in your field? Are you waiting for that big promotion? If you long for unbridled success in your life this 49-page workbook is the answer. These pages will reveal:

  • How to constantly work on your goals—become action-oriented
  • How to get rid of time-wasters and distractions—become intensely focused on your goals
  • How to always find the answers you seek—become a solution-oriented person
  • A simple way to clarify your goals and values
  • How to plan the action steps needed to succeed in your life

This easy-to-use workbook is guaranteed to change your life and give you what you want most. $39.95 Value

Valuable FREE Gift #1

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Achieving Work-Life Balance-CD

Do you perform better in certain areas of your life than others?—You don't have to! Learn the secrets to performing at your ABSOLUTE BEST in every area of your life.

In my 70-minute CD you'll learn how to:

  • Become happy by balancing your work and personal life
  • Use your time for maximum productivity
  • Achieve balance and harmony in your relationships
  • Create the ideal lifestyle for you
  • Eliminate time wasters and distractions
  • Work all the time you work

When you achieve work/life balance, the fulfillment and personal satisfaction you gain will help you to build higher quality, loving relationships. $24.95 Value

Valuable FREE Gift #2

Double Your Productivity/Double Your Time Off

Double Your Productivity/Double Your Time Off- CD

DE-STRESS your life!

Something amazing happens when you're productive and achieving your goals... you feel happier, relaxed and confident. Suddenly, you feel great about your life and your worries start to fall away. Would you love to feel confident and great about your life all the time?

In this 60 minute CD, you'll be able to:

  • Design a goal based life plan that will yield results
  • Turn your areas of weakness into strengths
  • Ask yourself key questions to define your dreams and what's holding you back from achieving them
  • Develop a specific, clear road map for success in your business and personal life

Being more productive makes you a more valuable employee and dramatically boosts your earning potential. $24.95 Value

Valuable FREE Gift #3

Crunch Time

Crunch Time- CD

When the (B-l-e-e-p!) hits the fan! How to handle any business or personal crisis

Top Achievers know EXACTLY what to do to get the results they're looking for. Do you?

In this 60 minute CD, You'll learn how to:

  • Prevent panic mode from setting in by learning the tips and techniques to help you focus and take things one step at a time
  • Eliminate stress and fatigue by differentiating between productive time saving tasks and time killers
  • Get through the stressful times gracefully and with ease instead of completely shutting down.

When you learn HOW to achieve clarity, you can avert any crisis. $24.95 Value

Valuable FREE Gift #4

Goals! Report

Pump Up Your Profits

Goals!—8-page report

All top performers have goals. Without them they would never be where they are today. Learn how to set, prioritize and follow through on what YOU want with proven strategies that guarantee results. $19 Value

Valuable FREE Gift #5

Time Power E-Book

Pump Up Your Profits

A proven system for getting more done in less time than you ever thought possible

In this E-Book, you'll learn how to:

  • Gain two extra productive hours per day!
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Set clear goals and concentrate your energies on high-value activities
  • Manage multitask jobs more efficiently
  • Overcome the people problems that can sap your time
  • Learn the psychology of outstanding time management
  • Use the five tools and techniques that will make you more productive for the rest of your life
  • And much more

Time Power gives you a no-nonsense approach based on more than 25 years of research into time management strategies of the most powerful and successful people in every conceivable field, including sales, business management, politics, and the entrepreneurial arena. $16 Value

Or make it an easy 2-pay


In summary, here's what you'll be receiving when you invest now:

  • Eat That Frog! 2nd Edition—Soft cover book AND audio MP3 -$64.85 Value
  • How to Master your Time-6-CD set-$84.95 Value
  • The Life Planning Process—44-page workbook—$39.95 Value
  • Achieving Work/Life Balance—-70 minute CD—$24.95 Value
  • Double Your Productivity/Double Your Time Off-60 Minute CD-$24.95 Value
  • Crunch Time-70 Minute CD-$24.95 Value
  • Goals! Report—8-page report—$19 Value
  • Time Power E-Book—$16 Value

That's a whopping $302.60 Value...Yours for just $197 today! Stop letting time limit you from reaching your full potential—learn to use it to your advantage...reserve your spot now.

Or make it an easy 2-pay

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Because I am so positive you will achieve unparalleled personal success after using this new program, I'm willing to back it up with my 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee.

This means you have 1-full year to listen to this program and apply the principles. If you aren't satisfied with your results, simply return it for a FULL product refund.

It's that easy.

To your success,

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy

P.S. Remember there is no risk on your part whatsoever with my 100% Guarantee. The best part is you will stop putting off what you must do to succeed and achieve all your goals and dreams. And don't worry. If you can't make it for some reason, you can still get a copy of the call. But nothing beats being there live.

P.P.S. If you would prefer to order the all digital version of this program, you can receive your downloads instantly for only $177.00