Dear Future-Oriented Friend,

It's a tough world out there.

Whether you're in sales or not, things get tougher every year. Consumers have more choices when it comes to selecting providers of products and services, and because more qualified people are looking for work, hiring managers have more choices when it comes to prospective employees.

So what's the solution? How do you ensure you stand out, whether you want someone to buy from you, hire you, or simply support you as you make strides toward your goals?

Become an exceptional sales person.

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I reveal exactly how to do that in my training program, "High Performance Selling." RIGHT NOW, for the next 48 hours only, you can invest in this best-selling program with an easy 2-pay option. Pay $149 now, and $149 in 30 days!

“High Performance Selling” — 12.5 hours' worth of instruction — is the result of my search for the methods, techniques and words I could use that would get people to buy — immediately.

It comprises the sales techniques that have been used by my clients and students to assist start-ups, medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 corporations in immediately increasing their bottom lines.

This program is equivalent to the material I teach in my $10,000, 7-day live seminar. But with “High Performance Selling,” you get the same instruction at a fraction of the price — and right now, you can take me up on my 2pay offer.

Here’s a taste of what it covers:

  • How you can achieve stellar success by being just a little bit better than average in certain key areas—and what those areas are
  • The Number One reason for failure among trained salespeople—and it has nothing to do with sales (warning: you’re probably making this mistake but it’s easy—and crucial—to correct!)
  • A recent change that has taken place in sales—and why, if you don’t evolve with the industry, you’ll be pounding pavement with holes in your shoes forever
  • Parallels between marriage and sales, and how this plays into the different components of a sales conversation
  • Credibility versus Mega-Credibility in Sales—why you need Mega-Credibility to overcome customer skepticism and make the sale
  • How to build trust and conquer fear: the one thing you should NEVER say during a sales conversation—let this slip out and you’ll KILL your chances of closing the sale
  • Why you absolutely must not sell on PRICE—and what to sell on, instead (you may be surprised!)
  • And more

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When you order your copy of “High Performance Selling,” you’ll receive:

High Performance Selling

A high-quality set of 15 audio CDs, totaling 12.5 hours of instruction (a $297 value)

You will learn to…

  • Get your ideas across clearly and easily, no matter who you're talking to
  • Influence and persuade the people you need to, so they can't wait to help you get to the next level
  • Develop your magnetic personality so people LOVE being around you
  • Get more and better appointments with key decision makers
  • Make better and more professional presentations
  • Sell against determined and lower-priced competition
  • Make more money closing faster, easier, better than you ever thought possible

Success Story:

I've earned $40,000 more in the last six months

“I took one idea I learned in your seminar and I've earned $40,000 more in the last six months. You've saved me years of hard work getting to this level!”

—Jack Dobson, Connecticut

Success Story:

This raised my income by more than 50%

“The day I picked up Brian Tracy's program, my life changed forever. I went from being a Sales Manager to becoming a Director of Sales & Marketing in 4 years, and raising my income by more than 50%! With Brian Tracy as my mentor, I feel the sky is the limit. His words inspire me each day to grow both professionally and in my personal life as well.”

—Ravi Balan

High Performance Selling Workbook

My “High Performance Selling” workbook will help you can keep track of your own goals and progress as you go through the materials

Hold yourself accountable for your new learnings and use as a reference guide for each one of your new sales strategies.

  • Effortlessly handle sales objections
  • Close more sales
  • Sell more in any market

Outselling Your Competition

A digital copy of my 138-minute “Outselling Your Competition” Downloadable DVD, in which I detail WHY your competition sells more than you, and how you can learn to sell more than ever before, how to work smarter, not harder, and how to turn “I’ll think about it” into “Yes!” (A $60 value)

I will show you…

  • Critical tools for reaching your sales goals faster
  • Prospecting skills for attracting more profitable clients
  • Proven strategies for overcoming call reluctance
  • Relationship building tools used by the best salespeople
  • The 7 characteristics of successful sales people and how you can make them yours.
  • Powerful closing techniques for getting prospects to "Yes"

Success Story:

Eye-Opening, Priceless DVD

“Awesome! This is a great live seminar DVD - you feel like you're right there at the live seminar with the crowd. There's a lot of competition out there, and I feel like I have an edge now, from watching this. It's like going back to school - but everything I learned is a lot more relevant and fun, coming from Brian Tracy. I'm going to keep watching it over and over again, because we forget most of what we hear! It's constant repetition, like watching the same thing a few times, that makes it stick. That's the real difference…”

—A. Duncan

Business Growth Strategies

30 Days’ Access to my Business Growth Strategies, an online membership program with 5 categories in business and personal success for you to choose from. You’ll get hours of video lessons from Yours Truly, as well as an Action Guide to help you put these powerful ideas into action immediately! (A $97 value)

Truly Inspiring!

Brian, You are truly inspiring! I have watched and listened to the first lesson, I know that there is a lifetime required to get it right. I am in awe of you as a Master Teacher! It is with excitement and anticipation that I consider for myself: What could possibly be added by watching and listening further!

—Introduction to Profit Growth Strategies (Business Growth Strategies Lesson)

PAY $149 NOW AND $149 IN 30 DAYS!

Pay half now, and half in 30 days. That's do-able, right?

So, are you ready?

YES, Brian! Sign me up!

I’m ready to order my copy of “High Performance Selling” so I can get more prospects, close more sales, and make more money, effortlessly, effectively and authentically.

I understand that for my investment of 2 payments of $149 I get:

  • A high-quality set of 15 audio CDs (12.5 hours of audio training)
  • My own “High Performance Selling” workbook
  • A digital copy of your 138-minute “Outselling Your Competition” Downloadable DVD
  • 30 Days’ Access to Business Growth Strategies

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Once you put this product to use, you’ll have the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. You’ll find it easy to get more prospects, close more sales and make more money—so easy, you won’t even feel like you’re working.

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No weasel clauses or hidden meanings here. If you're not happy then neither are we. My friendly staff will cheerfully return your money and we'll still be friends. That's it.

At the beginning of this letter, I said salespeople have one of the toughest jobs in the world—but it doesn’t have to be. When you learn the techniques I outline in “High Performance Selling,” selling will be fun, and your results will be phenomenal.

Invest in yourself today.

Here’s to your sales success,

Brian Tracy

P.S. When you double or triple your sales, this course will have paid for itself hundreds of times over—can you really afford NOT to buy it? Get your copy here