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From the Desk of Brian Tracy
San Diego, CA

Dear Friend in Achievement,

If you’re like so many of my students, you probably come to me expecting to learn about achieving your goals and reaching your most important milestones.

I’m known worldwide as The Success Expert.

Today, I’d like to offer you a brand new program, one that comes from Brian Tracy, the survivor, rather than Brian Tracy, the businessman.

You see, at the beginning of 2010, doctors diagnosed me with throat cancer. Because I was asymptomatic, we didn’t discover my tumor until it as already the size of a golf ball. In April, I began the process of chemotherapy. I lost my hair, my appetite and my ability to taste.

In June, I decided to undergo radiation therapy. I developed sores in my mouth, which along with my sore throat, prevented me from eating anything except soup or smoothies.

My final day of therapy was August 10, 2010. I remain cancer-free today.

So what does this have to do with success?

I believe with all my heart that in addition to the greatest medical treatment in the world, I have developed lifelong principles of good health and strong relationships that carried me over this major speed bump and into a place where I am stronger and more energetic today than I ever have been.

I’m more energetic and productive than people half my age.

And now, I want to share with you the principles that have carried me through … so you can build your own foundation for good health, emotionally and physically.

This information is for you if you’re:

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you’re like so many of my students, you feel stuck. It’s not that you’re not succeeding; in fact, from the outside it may appear that you have it all.

But something’s missing. You’re not as fulfilled or happy as you’d like to be.

Is this all there is?

What I’d normally say here is, “It’s not your fault.”

And while it isn’t – at least, not entirely – this letter is about taking responsibility for and control of your life.

So while it’s not your fault that you haven’t YET learned how to combat the “victim-of-circumstances” mindset that runs rampant in our society, or the bad habits you’ve developed over time (after all, many of the courses out there these days address a single element of success or happiness – but not how to create lasting change), I am here to tell you: you hold the power to change your life, to create the circumstances you truly want.

You probably already know my story – high school dropout turned homeless hard laborer turned salesman. You know I’ve studied success – and why some people achieve it while others don’t – for the past several decades.

But what you may NOT know is I’ve been where you are: I believed myself to be a victim of circumstances and suffered as a result.

I learned, though, that each of us has control over our lives. When you make that determination, and make the choice to live happier and healthier, nothing can stop you.

The secret: you must love yourself.

To that end, I’ve developed a new course.

Introducing my brand new program, “Love Yourself, Love Your Health”

A Brand-New comprehensive video training series that will discipline you to take control of your life, your heath, and your happiness in order to shape a successful future.

Here’s just a taste of what you get when you order “Love Yourself, Love Your Health”:

Video Training Lesson One: Happiness and Health ($49.95 Value)

If you’re like so many people, “happiness” can be as elusive as the Holy Grail. Why? Because you feel like a victim of circumstances, like there’s nothing you can do to improve your lot in life. The good news is, if you feel like this, you’re wrong.

You hold the power to improve your life – and to attain happiness. All you have to do is make the right choice.

During this lesson, you learn:

Video Training Lesson Two: Fitness and Balance ($49.95 Value)

Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals and values are in alignment.

Physically, your body has a natural bias toward health and energy. Likewise, emotionally, you have a natural bias toward happiness and enjoyment. When you maintain your body and your mind, you become unstoppable as you pursue the things you truly want.

During this lesson you learn:

Video Training Lesson Three: Relationships ($49.95 Value)

It takes tremendous discipline to build and maintain a long-term, loving, happy relationship. Your ability to do so is an important measure of your character and personality. Love and marriage are perhaps the most important elements of a happy, fulfilling life. When you are totally committed to a relationship with a single person, you are then free to turn your attention toward fulfilling your potential in the other aspects of your life.

When you decide to have children, you take on a huge commitment to do everything you can to raise a happy, healthy, self-confident adult. Your words, actions, non-actions and behaviors shape and influence that child and determine how he or she will turn out.

During this lesson, you learn:

In short, the main lessons for this program cover the foundational aspects of creating a life filled with unparalleled happiness, fulfillment and joy.

Get started NOW for only $99 using the 2-pay option!

If that weren’t enough, the “Love Yourself, Love Your Health” package also includes:

A LIVE one-hour webinar with me, where you can ask me anything and everything about loving yourself, loving your health, happiness, fitness, raising children … anything related to creating your ideal life.

And, to give you the most well-rounded experience possible, I’ve decided to include these best-selling, powerful programs:

1. Fit and Trim for Life CD ($24.95 Value)

Fit and Trim for Life

If you want to enjoy your retirement with boundless energy, you’ve got to recapture the health and vitality of your youth, starting TODAY. We all want to have the energy to play with our children and grandchildren, to spend quality time with our spouse. We all want to feel strong, slim and confident.

Learn how to:

2. The Science of Positive Focus DVD ($75.00 Value)

The Science of Positive Focus

Negative people are like human black holes – they come along and suck the life out of you. With so many negative people draining your business and personal life – how can you stay positive, energized and powerful so you can create the life you want to live? By harnessing the science of positive focus. Make your life amazing!

You learn how to:

3. 21 Great Ways to Stay in Love Forever CD ($24.95 Value)

21 Great Ways to Stay in Love Forever

If you’ve ever seen an elderly couple, shuffling slowly down the sidewalk hand in hand, you’ve probably wondered, “What can I do to stay in love forever?” Marriage isn’t easy – but just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean you have to let the sparks die out. You CAN keep those sweet, tender feelings going.

Learn how to:

4. Maximum Achievement Affirmation CD ($24.95 Value)

Maximum Achievement Affirmation CD

Brain research shows that you can learn subjects quite rapidly as a result of deep relaxation and music used in a systemized, organized process. Because of this, it is also possible for you to learn new belief systems using the same techniques and subliminal messages.

You get:

5. Simplify Your Life CD ($24.95 Value)

Simplify Your Life

The most effective, efficient way to do more, better, is to simplify. Imagine yourself living the life you’ve always dreamed of, stress-free and truly happy. Now imagine your goals becoming your accomplishments. If you’ve ever wondered how successful people always seem to get so much done, but also have time to do the things they love? Now you can.

You learn to:

6. The Power of Charm CD ($24.95 Value)

The Power of Charm

Many of the most successful people in society, and throughout history, have been described as “charming.” It’s because charming people are more personable and attractive to others; and therefore, more easily able to influence others to do what they want them to. Your ability to communicate, negotiate and persuade determines your income and the quality of your life – and the power of charm dramatically increases your ability!

Learn how to:

I am completely committed to your success with this package. I want you to take control of your life, take responsibility for your decisions, and move forward toward your goals – with happiness, joy and personal fulfillment at every turn.

That’s why this package comprises a variety of teaching modalities including:

Get started NOW for only $99 using the 2-pay option!

But there's more!

I’m also throwing in these INCREDIBLE BONUSES:

When you register today for this training course, I’m also throwing in these additional digital bonuses that you can begin using IMMEDIATELY after purchase:

21 Great Ways to Live to Be 100 MP3 ($24.95 Value)

In this 70 minute program, you’ll learn how to:

The Secrets of Raising Superkids 70 minute MP3 ($24.95 Value)

In this program, you’ll learn:

Achieving Work/Life Balance 70-minute MP3 ($24.95 Value)

This program will teach you how to:

You’re probably wondering how much this investment is going to set you back.

Think about this: how much is this investment going to propel you forward?

When you receive your “Love Yourself, Love Your Health” package, you have in your hands everything you need to create the life you want.

How much is that worth to you?

$1000? $750?

Remember, this is YOUR life, YOUR future, YOUR happiness we’re talking about.

How about $500?

Great news: I’m offering this package for just $99.

No, it’s not a typo.

Order your copy of “Love Yourself, Love Your Health,” now, for just $99.

That’s 3 brand new video lessons, 6 of my best-selling programs, a LIVE webinar where you interact with me, and ask me your biggest questions, PLUS 3 digital bonus programs! For less than you probably pay for your monthly cell phone bill, you can change your life.

And of course, as always, your investment is risk-free. You’re covered by my iron-clad, 100% satisfaction guarantee. That is, buy the package, and use the contents for a full year. If you’re not satisfied, simply return the materials for a full refund. It’s that easy.

Remember, success means different things to different people. To one person, it means being wealthy. To another it means being healthy. To still another, it means spending more time with family.

But the key measure of success is happiness.

Are you truly happy? Would you like to be? This is your chance to develop the tools you need to create your own happiness, day after day, year after year, for the rest of your life.

So are you ready?

Yes, Brian! I’m ready for
“Love Yourself, Love Your Health”!

I understand that for my investment of 2 payments of $99 I get:

  • 3 brand new video training lessons (Happiness and Health, Fitness and Balance, and Relationships)
  • 1 LIVE webinar where I can ask you any questions I like!
  • 5 of your best-selling, most powerful audio programs on CD (The Power of Charm, Fit and Trim for Life, 21 Great Ways to Stay in Love Forever, Maximum Achievement Affirmations and Simply Your Life)
  • 1 of your best-selling DVD programs (The Science of Positive Focus)
  • 3 Bonus MP3's that I can download immediately after purchase!

And I understand I’m covered by your iron-clad, 100% satisfaction guarantee. I can try the package for a full year, and if it doesn’t live up to my expectations I can return the materials for a full refund.

Isn’t it time to take control so you can take the steps necessary to live a life you absolutely love – for many years to come?

I think it is!

Here’s to loving yourself, and your life,

Brian Tracy