If I had a combination lock, and asked you to open it, you’d ask, "What’s the combination?"

I’d give you three numbers.

You’d ask which order they go in.

I’d tell you the order.

You'd ask which direction to turn the knob.

With the right numbers in the right sequence, anyone can open a combination lock.

And so it goes for success: if you have the right steps in the right order, you can achieve anything. It really IS that simple.

I can hear you saying …

"But wait!"

"LIFE is always getting in the way. Whenever I set a new, bold goal, something happens to stop me."

I hear this all the time. The good news is, when you have a proven, unbeatable process for setting goals of any size in any area of your life, you become unstoppable.

"I KNOW I want something different and better, but I just don't know what."

INTRODUCING my BRAND-NEW system for living
your life the way you want to…
The Maximum Achievement Training Kit.


Clarity is an absolutely essential component of success – and when you take the time to analyze your own values, you can then develop the clarity you need to create and achieve goals that feel relevant.

Once you have clarity, you can simplify - in effect cutting down on the extraneous (and stressful) items in your life. And once you do that, you have the mental space to move forward, quickly.

"I'm starting out at the very bottom. I simply don't have the resources to move up."

I've been there. Uneducated, unskilled, and unemployed, I made the decision to change my life, and you can too.

"I've tried these programs before and haven't succeeded."

You will find that when you have ALL the pieces, ALL the information, and ALL the knowledge I've gleaned during the past 40 years, you begin moving forward.

Whether you're saying one of these things – or a combination of any (or all) of them, here's my answer:

It's time to Live Your Life in Your Own Way. And that's exactly why I created my…

The Maximum Achievement Training Kit.


As you change the quality of your thinking, you change the quality of everything you do.

Millions of dollars and thousands of hours have been invested in searching for the "secrets" of success – only to reveal that there are no secrets. Today, we know more about how to achieve success, in more areas, than we have ever known before.

Today, success is predictable…you just have to have all the right numbers in the right sequence to its combination lock.

So how do you change the quality of your thinking so you can FINALLY unlock your potential and Live Life in Your Own Way?

You Develop a System.

Just like a combination lock, if you use the same numbers, in the same sequence, every time, you open the lock – every time.

Here’s why Systems work:

Reason #1: Systems Work – Without the Guesswork.

When you create a system based on the principles hundreds of thousands of people have used to achieve ultra-success, you're NOT forging new territory, or recreating the wheel. You're putting to use the hard-earned knowledge of people who have been there and done that. When you use and apply the principles they did, you get the same results they do.

Reason #2: Systems Provide Clarity and Focus.

If you're like so many of my students, you have big goals, dreams and plans for your life. In fact, you have so many big plans that it's hard to decide where to place your focus. The result: you end up going in several different directions at once – without gaining traction in any one of them. When you implement a system, you suddenly know with astounding clarity exactly what you must do, when, to get the results you want.

Reason #3: Systems Give You a Chance To Practice – and Develop – Great Qualities.

When you act like a leader, over and over again, you begin to develop higher levels of self-esteem, self-respect and personal pride – in turn, you become everything you're capable of becoming. When you put a system in place that requires you to use these qualities, they become second nature over time.

Reason #4: Systems Accelerate Your Progress.

When you follow a proven system, you leave out the messy lessons you'd otherwise learn "the hard way." You streamline, simplify, and simply succeed. Every step you take is a step forward; and even when you encounter an obstacle, you're equipped to overcome it quickly and efficiently.

Reason #5: Systems Give You Control.

When you feel like you're in control of your own life, you feel good about yourself. With a system, you have control: you know exactly which steps you're taking, when, and in which order. Even when something unexpected happens, you know exactly how to get back on track. In short, you feel like the master of your own destiny – because you are.

Reason #6: Systems Help You Overcome Negative Habits, and Replace them With Habits of Success.

Two of the most common negative habit patterns – fear of failure and fear of criticism – keep so many humans from reaching their potential. But when you put in place a system for overcoming these 2 common fears, you retrain your mind to move past them. Then, put into place the most personal and attitudinal habits of the most effective people – and experience better and better results in everything you do.

Reason #7: Systems Allow You to Create Your Own Future.

When you adopt a future-oriented system, you're able to move forward steadily, without impediments from your past.

Reason #8: Systems Move You from Disbelief to Belief.

As you repeat your new affirmations, habits and actions over and over, they become true for you – and you change your life, one systemized step at a time.

Reason #9: Systems Eliminate Stress and Tension.

Your ability to manage the inevitable ups and downs of daily life is your key to high performance, happiness and personal satisfaction. A huge majority of the stress, worry and tension you experience comes from within – from the way you react to different situations you encounter in the course of your life. When you implement a system, you know exactly how to respond in every situation. Your system tells you. Therefore, you don't feel stress, worry, or anxiety.

Reason #10: Systems Help You Achieve Balance in Life.

Because systems help you practice healthy, positive habits, they also help you achieve a higher level of balance and coordination in your life – based on your own values.

In short, a SYSTEM can become a Done-For-You Success Blueprint for every aspect of your life.

A SYSTEM can give you Maximum Achievement.

The Maximum Achievement Training Kit.


You see, any system that allows you to…

… is a system worth learning about.

That's exactly what I cover in my BRAND NEW Maximum Achievement Training Kit.


I've honed this particular system down to the most powerful, effective lessons you need to begin unleashing your full potential – and experiencing Maximum Achievement.

In 24 powerful lessons, I'll teach you absolutely everything you need to know to create and implement a working system for Maximum Achievement.

Why should you trust me?

I've literally navigated my own life from Rags to Riches. I was even homeless as a young man - but I now own a multi-million-dollar, international company – and live in a nice house on a golf course.

That's the bare-bones version of my story. After getting a “leaving certificate” instead of a diploma from high school, I worked manual labor jobs until I got my first sales job in my 20s. Intrigued by what made my co-worker more successful than the rest of the salespeople in my office, I asked him if I could tag along.

That's when I made the discovery that changed my life: this salesman had a system for success. He followed it every time he went through the sales process. Of course, he didn't close every single sale, but overall, he experienced success – he closed more sales and earned more money than anyone in the office, consistently, thanks to his system.

Since then, I've dedicated my life to studying the science behind success – to answering the question: what makes some people more successful than others?

I like to think I've discovered the answers – I now own a multi-million-dollar, international company in the business of training people to be successful in business and in their personal lives.

Now, I want to share one of those answers with you.

The Maximum Achievement Training Kit Includes:

  • A hardback binder containing 8 Audio CDs (each with 3 lessons)
  • A 336-page workbook that corresponds with the 24 lessons, to help you personalize your journey to Maximum Achievement


You're probably wondering how much this is going to cost you.

Great question.

First of all, consider the Maximum Achievement Training Kit an investment. You're making a critical investment in your future, which undoubtedly will pay off many-fold when you begin to implement your new system.

That being said, I feel comfortable – generous, even – asking a mere $297 for this life-changing program.

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My Black and White 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee!

And of course, your investment in the Maximum Achievement Training Kit is made at no personal risk. It's covered by my Iron-Clad, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That is, put this product to use in your life for an entire year. I'm confident you're going to experience profound changes in your life during that time. However, if, within that year, you don't believe it's worth the investment, return it for a full product refund. No questions asked.

Not to worry, though, I don't think you're going to need that guarantee, because…

First, this BRAND NEW program is the culmination of my 4 decades of research into what makes some people more successful than others – completely updated with the most cutting-edge scientific research. You're getting ALL my own personal experience, plus years and years of study, in one comprehensive program.

Second, this is the EXACT SAME information I have used myself, to go from homeless manual laborer to owner of a multi-million-dollar, international company. So I know it works.

These 24 powerful lessons are designed to give you the jumpstart on changing the quality of your mind so you can Live Your Life, Your Own Way.

Join me now, and experience Maximum Achievement.

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To Your Success, Your Way,

Brian Tracy