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“This is NOT for Beginners…”

When you become part of the Brian Tracy Sales Trainer Certification program, you will MODEL exactly what I have done to build a multi-million dollar empire over the past thirty years—you will be equipped to DO what I have done.

This Program is broken down into three phases:

  • PHASE ONE: Your Learning & Teaching Curriculum
    • Sales Success Intensive Training Course
      This high-content course is designed to be given to sales teams of any size as an intensive, one-day sales training

  • PHASE TWO: Your 3-Day Intensive Training Event in San Diego, where you'll learn:

    • Every aspect of “how to” effectively facilitate the Learning and Teaching Curriculum.
    • How to market and sell your expertise to companies and individuals as a Certified Trainer.
    • How to present and deliver each of the key subjects in the course curriculum to any sales team.
    • You will also have the benefit of LEVERAGING off of the tremendous knowledge and experience of my Director of Certified Sales Training, Dr. Andreas Boettcher.
  • PHASE THREE: Your Facilitator Business & Marketing Tools

    Sales Certification Bundle
    • Sales Success Facilitator Manual for presenting and delivering the one-day intensive training
    • Sales Success Intensive Training DVDs
    • Student workbooks for your clients to complete during the facilitated training.


    • A personal marketing promotional video from Brian Tracy!
    • Strategic marketing tools and “done for you” templates including:

      • “Sales Diagnosis Questionnaire”
      • Evaluation form template to get feedback from your students

All that and MORE is here for you. All you have to do is make a decision to take action and be ready to IMPLEMENT what you will learn.

More Money. More Confidence. More Prestige.
More Happiness. More Satisfaction. More Impact.

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