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"Announcing a Complete Business Mastery In Just 3 Days: Learn Precisely How To Unlock Unlimited Potential for Your Business and Your Life. The Result: Guaranteed Success"

From the Desk of Brian Tracy

Dear Business Friend:

As you read this letter, you will begin to feel a sense of relief. As you continue reading, that relief will transform into excitement as you discover what is possible for you.

This information is for you if you’re a business owner and you:

  • Feel like you’ve tried every new business-building technique, only to continue spinning your wheels, frustrated and disappointed
  • Work harder, longer, and then even harder and even longer, only to continue creating the same mediocre results
  • Have experienced some success in the past, but now seem to have hit a plateau — and you feel stuck
  • Have signed up for every business-building workshop you can get your hands on, but no matter how you try to cobble the information together, you’re still not seeing spectacular results
  • Would LOVE to get on the fast track to success so you can begin enjoying the benefits, as soon as possible

Can I offer my assistance to set you straight?

The good news is that you’re not alone. Thousands of business owners out there right now are experiencing what you are. It’s not your fault — the information out there is conflicting, and much of it is focused around a stable, healthy economy. Old techniques simply don’t work like they used to. And new techniques without a solid foundation of great business principles don’t work long-term, either. Not many “business teachers” combine good, old-fashioned business practices with up-to-date techniques that keep a business steady in any and every economy.

Don’t worry, because there’s even more good news: I know what it takes to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and propel your business to new, exciting levels of success — FAST!

And I’m going to share it.

Before I get into that, though, let me tell you a little more about myself.

I’m Brian Tracy — a world-renowned, highly sought-after business coach, best-selling author and speaker.

When I was growing up we never seemed to have enough money for anything. My parents were good people who seemed to be out of work more often than not. Our family theme song was “We can't afford it!”

I didn't graduate from high school; instead, I got a “Leaving Certificate.” My first full-time job was as a dishwasher in a small hotel. From there I graduated to washing cars on a lot. This was only the beginning of a long list of jobs that took me absolutely nowhere.

The worst thing was the more I worked the farther away I got from where I wanted to be. My goals might as well have been distant stars because I felt they were nowhere near my grasp at the time.

In fact, I was a homeless person long before it became respectable. I lived in my car during the winter and slept beside it in the summer.

What You Can Learn From My Experience: It Just Keeps Getting Better

Things are very different for me now. Today I live in a beautiful house on a golf course in Southern California. My family is healthy and happy. I have a very successful business with operations in the United States, Canada and a dozen other foreign countries.

I don’t tell you this to brag; only to let you see that it’s possible for you, as well. If I can do it, believe me, so can you. And you’ll probably have an easier go of it than I did.

Your starting position may be different than mine. You might be starting from a much better position than I did. But, no matter where you are on your journey, the important lesson here is to just start.

So, what happened between my low point — homeless and sleeping in my car — and my high point — living with a healthy family in a beautiful home, operating a multi-million dollar business?

I studied - I studied human potential, business ownership, and success. And I put everything I studied to use. From there, I began sharing it. I have helped start, build, manage or turn around 22 businesses. And, like I said, it just keeps on getting better.

Introducing my “Total Business Mastery” seminar
September 16, 17 and 18 in San Diego, CA

This is where all of my research comes together. If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a million-dollar business, then this is the place to begin. During the 3 days we spend together, you will glean ideas, inspiration, and perhaps most importantly, a specific plan for building your business — for taking it from GOOD to GREAT.

Here’s just a taste of what I’ll share in September — a little something that might help:

10 Insider Business Success Strategies You
Absolutely MUST Know to Guarantee Your Success

I'll cover these extensively over the 3 days we spend together. Plus you'll have the chance to get even more answers from my team of business pros. More on this later.

  1. Revealed, how to become a great business person. I will divulge to you special qualities, traits and behaviors of men and women who build successful businesses. You should know your business can never be any better than you are as a business person.

  2. How to create a great business. You will learn the specific steps you can take to design and build your business so that it is recognized as one of the best of breed in your industry

  3. I'll show you how to create a great product or service. This is a strong predictor of your business success. You will learn how to identify exactly what it takes to produce a product or service that causes people to say, "Wow! This is a great product!"

  4. How to create a great customer experience. Fully 80% of your ongoing business success will be determined by how your customers feel about dealing with you and using your product. invoke quality customer care will set you miles apart from your competition who are still doing things the old way. No matter what product or service you sell, in any niche. Think Amazon.

  5. How to develop a great marketing plan. A great marketing plan is one that consistently and predictably attracts qualified prospects to you. A great marketing plan empowers you to plot your own future success. This is perhaps the most important of all business activities, and determines your level of success, sales and profitability in your business.

  6. How to perfect a great sales process. An excellent sales process enables you to convert interested prospects to customers consistently and predictably. It is amazing how many businesses do everything else right, yet they neglect the sales process and as a result have trouble getting people to buy and pay for their products.

  7. How to generate great numbers. Everything in your business can be measured by specific numbers. Metrics like the number of new prospects, the number of conversions to customers, profit margins on sales, repeat purchases, profit per customer, size of sale, and growth rates. These numbers act as a guidepost to your ongoing profitability. You will discover how to find and define your perfect numbers.

  8. How to become a great leader and manager. Every successful business is characterized by excellent leadership and management. You will learn how to develop vision, clarity, courage, commitment, focus on responsibility, and an obsession with customer service.

  9. How to attract, develop and keep great people. Build a successful profitable team business from the inside out. This is essential to growing your business over the long term.

  10. How to live your ideal life. You learn how to accomplish all your business and financial goals, and maintain a balance in your family and personal life. You must be happy in both your business and your life to succeed. .

And that's just for starters.

OPTION: Special Limited VIP status (limited to 40 people), for private lunch receptions with me personally, including wine and beer on Saturday evening. You will get priority registration, VIP designation on your badge, and special front of the room seating. But that's not all. You'll also receive a digital copy of a photo we'll take together, along with a signed copy my "Way To Wealth" book series…

In fact I will personally help you develop valuable tools you'll be able to USE right away… including:

And here's the kicker.

I called in 4 Business EXPERTS to
Ensure Your Success.

Now let's be clear, just because I understand the ageless inside secrets to building and running a great business, it doesn't mean I'm not interested in new cutting edge tactics. And you should be to.

So here's what I've done for you.

Because I want to add even more value to your Total Business Mastery experience I have recruited a handful of top offline and online business experts cover key business techniques. Each one of them has a unique specialty they will share with you during the workshop.

They'll help clue you in to important topics like:

So what does this all mean?

That's what makes this workshop so very very special. You'll be rubbing elbows and networking directly with "master-mind" experts and other business owners just like yourself. You will hang out with millionaires, multi-millionaires and experienced business pros who are there to help ensure your success every step of the way.

There's just something so exhilarating, almost spiritual about getting away from your business for a couple of days to absorb vital information and gain new insight to help you achieve your goals. Plus you'll be mixing it up with new friends and colleagues.

I wish I had something like this when I started out. It would have shaved years off my learning curve and catapulted me to success much faster. Why go it alone if you don't have to?

Don't spend another frustrating moment locked in your office trying to figure it out all by yourself.

This is the painless way. Follow the path of successful professionals. Don't you deserve a little fun while you learn how to be a better business builder?

Ready to get started?

Good! I've made it easy as pie for you to reserve your seat.

Get your credit card ready and click the big gold “Exclusive Reservation” button below. You will be whisked away to our secure shopping cart. Just fill in a few simple details and You're In!

Special Limited VIP status (limited to 40 people), for private lunch receptions with me personally, including a reception on Saturday evening with complimentary wine and beer. You will get priority registration, VIP designation on your badge, and special front of the room seating. But that's not all. You'll also receive a digital copy of a photo we'll take together, along with a signed copy my "Way To Wealth" book series…

Okay Brian What's It Cost?

Well how do you mean?

A cost is something you incur, usually with no payback. You should consider this an investment. And a wise investment at that—Because the compound interest you will earn over the next couple of years from this event will far outweigh any amount you will invest today.

With that in mind, your investment is just $1997. This seminar is easily valued at $5,000, but I'm giving it to you for much less.

An absolute bargain considering you'll have a practical "street smart" MBA of critical skills that will earn you a fortune and save you years of struggle and missed opportunities.

Think about it. In just a couple days you will possess MORE skills than a $50,000 university graduate. And you won't have to give up 2 or 3 years of your life to do it.

On the other hand if you already have a degree, even an MBA like I do, you will earn a PhD in real world business. The tactics you'll walk away with and the subsequent support (my secret ingredient) will make you a black-belt in business expert.

You will be unstoppable as you forge profitably ahead.

It's a…

3 day "Total Business Mastery" workshop and seminar in Sunny San Diego,
September 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2011

San Diego Harbor

Here's the deal: At my life-changing Total Business Mastery workshop you will walk in an ordinary business owner and leave 3 days later a master business builder. You'll go home armed with everything you need to turn your business or startup into a profit-churning machine.

And while you're here, September is beautiful in San Diego. Be sure to bring your camera so you can capture your memories at this profitable event. You may want to stay a few extra days to savor the sites and sounds of this small but exciting city.

We've got a world-class zoo and aquarium here. And if that's not your cup of tea there's plenty of fine dining, art and music to experience. Not to mention superb golf courses.

Let me tell you more.

Our last event sold out a full 15 days before the cutoff date. I wouldn't bet on getting in if you procrastinate on this. In fact we've had several requests from past attendees who want to come back. You can't blame them really.

The speed of business these days can be lightening fast. It's always in flux. So we keep adding new material the minute it becomes available.

I've been forced to severely limit the number of workshop attendees. To begin with, the hotel has fire and safety limits on what the room will hold.

But much more importantly there is so MUCH personal one-on-one attention and handholding, I won't do you the injustice of letting too many people in.

This is not some Internet marketing guru pitch fest. My goal is to have you leave on Sunday night with a black-belt in building a profitable business. And I do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. You can rest assured your questions will be answered with credible solutions you can act on right away.

You just can't lose.

Still not convinced?

Okay this is where it gets brain-dead simple.

PLUS as I mentioned earlier, to make this as easy as possible for you I'm giving you a convenient option to…

Make 2 easily affordable payments
of just $1,050 each!

It's a service that I'm more than happy to provide for you. I'm well aware that cash flow may be tight for you.

But I'm not done yet. I refuse to allow this seminar/workshop to be some kind of "pep talk" that you'll forget about in a week. So to keep you fully connected, engaged and moving forward, I will also include…

1 year of access to my online library

You heard right! You will receive in addition to everything else unlimited access to my online library of business learning programs for 1 full year.

This is a comprehensive system of learning tools for achieving success and wealth. They've worked for me and they will work for you.

It's difficult to put a value on this priceless collection because I cover so many vital topics including quick-growth plans, specific techniques for firing up sales with upsells, downsells, and cross sells.

I also cover time management tips to help you stop procrastinating so you can catapult your business forward at light speed.

Plus you'll gain, multiple strategies for handling your sales team. You'll also learn some very important motivational tricks.

You'll get personal success secrets (to manage your new-found money) and a whole lot more.

There are over 250 programs for you to choose from. When you make the wise decision to join us in the winners circle you'll have full access to them all.

Act now so you don't miss out.

What's more, you don't risk a penny of your investment, because it's completely protected by my rock solid, exclusive iron-clad…

100% No-Risk Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee!

If after the first day of the seminar you aren't completely convinced the value far outweighs your more than reasonable investment and expectations, or if you aren't happy for ANY reason then I insist you ask for your money back.

My sole purpose is to help you and your business.

If you don't feel that's happening for you, or if you decide you don't want to build a profitable business, quietly approach one of my seminar staff, return your materials and I'll give you a cheerful, courteous full refund. I don't want your money.

I honestly can't see how I could make this any fairer for you.

This is your last chance to check out the “Total Business Mastery” Seminar/Workshop.

But you've got to take immediate action to get in.

It's up to You To Jumpstart Your Own Success Now!

Register for the Total Business Mastery now!

The Westin Gaslamp Quarter
910 Broadway Circle
San Diego, CA 92101

*Discounted rooms available for attendees — details sent upon registration*

Friday, September 16th: 8:30am–5:30pm, followed by Gala and Speed Networking
Saturday, September 17th: 8:30–6:30pm, followed by VIP reception
Sunday, September 18th: 8:30am–3:30pm

Once you reserve your spot with our elite group, you and your guest will get…

  • 3 day LIVE "Total Business Mastery" workshop in San Diego on September 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2011.
  • Unlimited access to my online library of business learning programs, Over 250 programs for 12 full months.
  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren't completely happy for ANY reason you can get your money back at the end of the first day. No questions. No hassles

Plus you get personalized attention while networking with other successful people like you for your stunningly low investment of just $1,997 (or 2 payments of $1,050)

So you've got 2 options here…

Option #1: Make one easy payment of $1997 (and you can bring a guest) 

Option #2: Make 2 easy payments of just $1025 (and you can still bring your guest) 

And your investment could pay off big, like it has for others. The profits you make from using these techniques could add up to thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for you.

But don't take my word for it. Check the sidebar to see what others have said about me.

Before I go any further—For your own good, before I hit my irrevocable sales limit, reserve your seat now, before they're gone!

My Total Business Mastery will change your business life forever. So pick up the phone right now and call 858-436-7300 if you'd like to talk to a live person.


Do I have your word you will attend? Give me the word and let's get started on your profitable future today.

I promise you will be kicking yourself if you miss out on this event. I don't want to give your seat away. Especially since you're now aware of what you are about to receive. But if you call my hand, your seat will go to someone else and your opportunity will vanish into thin air.

Your future depends on you having the inside track to these practical, proven tactics and methods to running a business that builds wealth while simplifying your life.

This is by far the best deal I've ever offered and it's absolutely critical for self employed professionals like you… whose income and happiness is dependent on a thriving business.

Isn't it time you kicked things up a notch?

I'm really looking forward to meeting you personally and shaking your hand.

Here's to your profitable future.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy
Professional Business Coach

P.S. When you consider everything you're getting with this event, I think you will have to agree it's a no-brainer to say yes and accept my humble but lucrative offer.

Transform a tactical company into a strategic powerhouse

One of the fastest, easiest and best turnkey ways I've seen to transform a tactical company into a strategic powerhouse that can lead or dominate their market.

Jay Abraham, Chairman and CEO, The Abraham Group

One of America's best teachers

Combines the real life experiences and learned lessons of one of America's best teachers.

Harvey Mackay, Author of #1 New York Times best-seller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

Practical and Useful

No one gives more practical and useful advice than Brian Tracy!

Marshall Goldsmith, World reknowed executive coach and thought leader

Achieve all your goals, starting today

Millions of people start with nothing and become wealthy as the result of doing certain things in a certain way, over and over again. Brian Tracy shows you how you can achieve all your financial goals, starting from wherever you are today. I highly recommend it.

Jack Canfield, Co-author of The Power of Focus and #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

No one can do it better than Brian

Brian Tracy is a superstar from the platform. He is the man to study as he teaches you step-by-step how to go from nowhere to somewhere great. No one can do it better than Brian. Outthink, outserve, and outperfom the competition, while 'wowing' the marketplace, your boss, and yourself.

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup For The Soul

You leave with a complete business plan

I've been to a lot of seminars and if you're looking for a total makeover, Brian Tracy's Total Business Mastery is the place to be. Brian goes over each area of your business, talks about it, discusses it and then gives a group 10 to 15 minutes to decide what they're going to be doing, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

The difference with this seminar is that you leave with complete clarity your strengths and weaknesses and your business plan. You not only write down what you're going to do, but Brian actually has you put a date of completion.

Tommy Lee, Owner/Trainer of East Coast Martial Arts and SBSS Consulting

Practical techniques for personal and business success

Brian Tracy has deeply influenced my life for more than 20 years through his "straight from the heart" self-development books and audio tapes. Brian's authenticity and conviction infuse his practical techniques for personal and business success. Brian has consistently sustained enthusiasm and focused goal-oriented work for me and for my patients, who share my respect and appreciation for his solidly researched and upbeat work. I endorse Brian and his work wholeheartedly.

Steve Paine, Owner and medical Director at Steve Paine, OMD

Things you can apply each and every day

What I liked most about the seminar was that this wasn't things that you could apply that took 30 days or 90 days to apply, but rather these are things you can apply each and every day. Walking into the office Monday morning you're going to have a hit list of things to work on

I would absolutely recommend this to any business entrepreneur who's looking to establish themselves or grow their company to the next level.

Steven Cox, CEO of

The essence of true success

Brian Tracy is a master of priority management and focused action. He's laser-accurate with brilliant illumination of the essence of true success.

Denis Waitley, Author of The Seeds of Greatness Treasury

Without a doubt, the best on the market

Brian Tracy's books are without a doubt the best on the market. He has helped my business as much, or more, than business school. I would recommend that any entrepreneur read his books or attend one of Brian's seminars.

Jason Wallis, Owner of Wallis Photography

For any business person who is serious about moving their business to a higher level

I attended Brian Tracy's Total Business Mastery seminar in March and the best thing is being able to be connected with like-minded people, and to be able to push my plan and my thoughts into action. I know that I'm going to be tremendously successful because of it.

I highly recommend this seminar to any business person who is serious about moving their business to a higher level.

Heather Clark Peckerman, Chief Learning Officer of HCP Consulting Group

You'll walk out with
an action plan

Brian Tracy's Total Business Mastery is a tremendous opportunity for experienced business owners to hone their skills and re-energize their work, yet the material is clear enough for someone new to the world of business to gain a complete understanding of how to launch and run their own business.

Brian Tracy provides a terrific framework for you to walk out with a detailed, personalized action plan to start or grow your own business.

Brian Luschwitz, Total Business Mastery Graduate March, 2010

Brian applies the skills and methods he teaches

Brian is an amazingly inspirational person. Of course, he's an internationally renowned speaker and author, but what inspires me the most, having met him several times in his partnership with FocalPoint, is that he is a man of integrity. He truly lives the values he espouses and applies the skills and methods he teaches. Since I am a coach whose curriculum and brand is HIM, it is refreshing that I have yet to encounter anyone with anything negative to say about Brian Tracy. How many famous people can you say that about? Thanks for being true to yourself, Brian, and thanks for your support of me, FocalPoint, and businesspeople worldwide!

Susan Spitz, Owner of FocalPoint Coaching of St. Louis

It's interactive and you get to network and meet with people

Brian Tracy's Total Business Mastery seminar is amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone whether you've been an experienced entrepreneur or if you're just getting started.

It's was an amazing experience. The people you meet are incredible, and I love the fact that it's interactive and you get to network and meet with people. You get to get physical with it and write down your goals and plans. And if you can write it down, you can achieve it. That was really empowering.

Thank you so much Mr. Tracy for all that you've provided for so many people. I feel truly blessed. Thank you.

Heather Robertson, Actress

One of the best mentors the world has had in the last 50 years

I brought Brian to the UK in 2008 for a 1/2 day of business consultancy with my two business partners and then for another 1/2 day of speaking to our exclusive group of high net worth property investors and entrepreneurs. The feedback on both events was outstanding and I cannot recommend Brian highly enough. We are looking to work with him again in Jan 2009. Brian is an inspirational writer, speaker and mentor. Any individual or organisation that has not yet discovered and benefited from his teachings and writing is missing out on one of the best mentors the world has had in the last 50 years.

Steve Bolton, Founding Partner of Platinum Business Partners (A Venture Capital & Private Equity Industry)

I achieved more than I ever dreamed possible

I've learned so much from listening to Brian Tracy audio tapes for many years… Brian's ideas and concepts in goal setting, sales mastery and general business operations have helped me achieve more in my business career than I ever dreamed possible.

Ron Meier, Owner of Your Life 2 Learn (Professional Training & Coaching Industry)

A masterpiece!

Brian Tracy is one of the greatest public speakers in history! A masterpiece. I highly recommend it!

Robert Allen, Author of 8 books including New York bestsellers Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, and The One minute Millionaire

From intention to implementation

It'll catapult you from intention to implementation. It arms you with the information and insights you need to achieve success and significance in your life. The approach is practical and useful for any organization. Brian Tracy is a brilliant consultant who knows how to really grow a business. It's transformational.

Nido R Qubein, President of High Point University

Offers relief to business people

Offers relief to frustrated business people with too many professional and personal demands on their time--which is to say, all of us.

The tools you need

The material is timeless; it will give you the tools you need to handle a variety of situations and stimulate your creativity. Brian is a great coach!

Terri L. Sjodin, Author of Sales Speak-The Nine Biggest Sales presentaion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A plan to identify and achieve goals

It shows individuals how to delve into their inner resources so that they can not only identify realistic goals, but develop a plan on how to achieve these goals.

Sally Pipes, President, Pacific Research Institute

There is no expert more skilled in the field

There is no expert more skilled in the field of maximizing your results in the midst of professional and personal struggles than Brian Tracy.

Joe Polish, Founder, Piranha Marketing, Inc.

Brian Tracy shows you how anyone can earn millions

Brian Tracy shows you how unlimited wealth starts in the mind, and how anyone can focus their time and energy to earn millions.

Peter Montoya, CEO, Peter Montoya Inc

One of the country's leading authorities

Brian Tracy is one of the country's leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. Tracy will lead you to more time and success.

The Business Journal

The formula for success

Brian Tracy's poignant counsel and lucid insights provide us with the formula for personal and professional success that is both scientifically accurate, and yet practical.

Edwin J. Feulner, PhD, President, The Heritage Foundation

Enabling you to achieve greater success

A step-by-step system to transform your thinking about yourself and your potential, enabling you to achieve greater success in every area of your life.

Lee lacocca, Chairman, Lee lacocca & Associates

Let him be your guide

Let him be your guide out of the maze. He's been there, done that, and has good advice.

Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager and Full Steam Ahead

His techniques will empower

There's no question, Brian Tracy is a truly great public speaker; his techniques will empower, and he has inspired me to visualize myself leaping beyond my current comfort level. Brian Tracy's brilliant.

Brent Taylor, President and CEO of Timewise Event Management Inc.