Dear Interested Friend,

There is an emotional, economic and sociologic epidemic sweeping across America and the world today.

This invisible yet dangerous disease is literally destroying individuals, undermining our very society, and threatening everything we believe in.

In fact; the very future of civilization as we know it will be threatened if we don’t do something about it—and soon.

Unfortunately, this epidemic is rooted in an out-of-control, almost insatiable worldwide demand.

The demand to get something for nothing!

How It All Started

First let me explain how we arrived at this predicament.

A word of caution.

If the truth scares you, please stop reading now and go back to your fairy-tale world.

This ethically and morally fatal illness can be contracted gradually, or all at once.

It usually starts out small. As children, we learn how to get what we want by whining and crying. Essentially, we do our best to get as much as we can with as little effort as possible.

Later, as we mature, we fine-tune our ability to exert the least amount of work for the most amount of gain. We’ll do what we have to, in order to get what we want, as long as there is not too much personal effort involved.

In many cases, we even settle for less, simply because it’s easier.

So how did we end up like this?

Seems the idea of "Free Money" is like a cancerous tumor that starts out as a single cell and rapidly grows into an uncontrollable disease.

Quickly, it spreads out of control and eventually—if left unchecked—destroys our moral and ethical immune system.

As humans, our naturally greedy and immoral desire is to enrich ourselves at the expense of others.

It’s the driving force behind every form of anti-social behavior, corruption, criminal activity, and unhappiness.

Our crazy obsession with free money is at the root of most wars, revolutions, robberies, scandals and just about every form of treachery in the world today.

It arises from…

Why We Do The Things We Do

A single act can trigger this epidemic. A false sense of compassion for those less fortunate, at the moment, can give us a feeling of moral superiority to those who don’t share our concern in the same way.

Our "something for nothing" attitude rapidly becomes an addiction. Once captured by the siren song of free money, our appetite becomes insatiable.

Like a crack addict, we can never get enough. No matter how much we get for ourselves, or even for others, we constantly want more.

And just like a drug addict, we will do whatever it takes to avoid the painful symptoms of withdrawal.

When faced with the choice between a hard job and an easy one, we will invariably choose the easy one. We all want to conserve our energy by accomplishing more tasks with less energy.

By reducing the amount of energy to get what you want, you increase the amount of life you have available for other things. The result of this action is laziness.

Every one of us is lazy. It’s our normal, natural human instinct. While it’s neither good nor bad; it is the way that laziness is demonstrated that defines it as positive or negative.

However, the dark side of laziness reveals itself when it causes you to slack off, cut corners, avoid work or waste time. It robs you of your potential if you practice it.

The desire for more is hard-wired into our nature. In every culture, even children, when given the choice between more and less, will always choose more.

This is the basis of greed. Again, it’s neither good nor bad. It depends on the way you manifest it in your life. As an example, Mother Teresa used her desire for more as motivation to help more people through her Missionaries of Charity.

The deep, dark side of greed, you are already familiar with. When people try to get rewards without working, recognition without achievement, or power without service, this is the bad side of greed.

Yet, when properly applied, the principle of greed becomes a powerful tool when channeled into productive activities.

The positive side of greed, applied in an entrepreneurial spirit, inspires people to create newer, better, faster, and cheaper ways to provide products and services to the public.

Many governments, politicians and do-gooders are ignorant to the natural, normal instinct of greed. You see them attacking those who try to get more.

They attempt to penalize your normal and natural activities—like wanting to earn a better living—by adding more taxes to take away the money you earn and give it away to others who have done nothing to earn it.

This is just the beginning.

There are 5 other important human traits which we all share and these traits identify our humanity. The big idea here is that there is no real moral or ethical way to get…

Something for Nothing

Something for nothing, the all consuming desire that turns the American Dream into a social nightmare.

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