“Don't Make Another Sales Call Until You've Read EVERY WORD Of This Brutally Honest Letter From Brian Tracy”

A VERY personal letter to you from Brian Tracy:

Dear Friend,

This will undoubtedly be unlike anything you've read or heard from me. In fact, my tone—at least at first—may surprise you…even unnerve you a bit.

And if you're a salesperson, you may not even like what I have to say. It may ring a little “too close to home.”

Which is exactly WHY it's imperative you read this letter to the very end. Avoid the temptation to skim this letter or say to yourself “I'll read it later.” Don't. Read it now.

This may be the most important message you read in your entire sales career—maybe even your life. Here's why:

My Friend, this recession has put your sales career in jeopardy…

Why This Recession is “Different”


First, we need to take a candid look at the state of the World Economy in 2010—and most of all, what it means to your family's financial future.

It's likely I have a few years on you, so I can say I've lived through my share of recessions…

…But not like this one.

Wall Street, along with world powers most of us will never understand, have brought our entire world economy to the brink of collapse. The result?

Once “easy” credit has now ground to a halt. Companies that were—just a short while ago—barely making payroll with open lines of credit from the bank are now seeing those credit lines disappear. The result?

Out of Work

Massive layoffs.

Company-wide budget cuts.

Buying freezes.

Companies shutting their doors altogether.

If you sell business-to-business, if you haven't already, expect soon to hear …

“…Sorry, We Just Can't Buy Anything Right Now.”

Overcoming objections is just part of selling, sure. But in 2009, the selling environment took a nasty turn most of us never saw coming.

EVERY form of media—newspapers, radio, TV, the internet, industry-specific trade journals, you name it—continue to point your clients and prospects over the head with bad economic news.

Feeling the Squeeze

If you sell business-to-business, new equipment purchases are being delayed indefinitely. Orders are being handed down from the top for the company to “get by” with the equipment they have—even when it's clear they should upgrade.

Why? The money (and the credit) is just not there.

In the meantime, you're left to figure out how in the world you're going to reach your sales goals—or worse…how you're going to pay your bills.

And it's not just sales of new equipment that's suffering…

“I Know We've Done a Lot Of Business Together—But In This Economy, I Have To Shop Around For The Best Price…”

If you sell products that are delivered on a regular basis, like consumables or commodities, you've probably seen even some of your best customers become more price-conscious.

You may be shocked to discover long-time clients—clients with whom you've been through “thick and thin”—begin to price-shop you against a lower-priced competitor.

…And what's worse, even if you ask them, point-blank, why “the other guy” is all of a sudden stealing sales away on terms you've sold them for years, you're likely to hear “Look, it's nothing personal…but they have lower prices, and I'm getting pressure from the boss to watch every penny.

If your clients are buying less from you and price-cutting competitors are stealing business out from under you…how are you supposed to feed your family?

If it's consumers you sell to, no doubt you've heard…

“We'd Like to Buy—But Our Family Is Cutting Back”

All this economic doom and gloom affects everyone—especially Joe and Sally Consumer. And even if Joe and Sally think of their jobs as being “secure,” they know someone personally who has lost their job. Everyone is spooked to some degree.

If you sell products to consumers, no doubt you've also heard, “We're going to hold off for a while till things get better” or “Things look a little shaky at work, so we should probably wait.”

The credit crunch affects consumers, too. Maybe you've had buyers who wanted to buy, but their credit was turned down. You're not alone. The days of easy credit are long gone…

However, despite all these circumstances beyond your control…

Your Boss STILL Expects Sales Performance…Or Else!

If you hold a salaried sales position, chances are good your sales manager is getting pressure from his or her boss to “meet quota or else.” And that pressure has made its way down to you.

You can try to explain how the economy is negatively affecting your results…how clients and prospects just aren't buying…credit lines are frozen…money is tight…whatever excuse you can—and while your sales manager may even sympathize with you to your face…

…The fact remains they believe their job is in jeopardy if you don't perform, regardless of the economy. Think about it—no sales manager is going to “volunteer” to be fired if YOU don't meet your sales quota. If you're on salary, and you're not meeting your sales goals, you have reason to be more than a little concerned.

But that's only half of it…

If You're On Commission Or You Own Your Own Business…It's Sink or Swim

Stressed Out

Maybe your pay is 100% performance-based. In other words, you sell or you don't eat.

If that's the case, I don't have to tell you that times are tough.

Chances are, you're working longer hours, biting and scratching to get the sale where it used to be a lot easier. When you finally drag yourself home at night, you lie awake worrying about not being able to pay the rent or mortgage, groceries, insurance, medical bills…how you're going to save for the future...the kid's education...your dreams of retirement.

Some of your customers may be taking advantage of the situation—expecting you to cut your margins all the way to the poorhouse…or you're afraid they'll drift to lower-priced competitors.

It's Not Your Fault—Nobody Prepared You For This

One thing's for sure, you didn't cause this recession. You were just minding your own business, trying to make a decent living and provide for your family.

But all of a sudden, circumstances beyond your control came along and changed the game on you.

Maybe your company has provided sales training in the past. But you're finding that what used to work, isn't working anymore. You're encountering objections you've never been trained to overcome.

There may even be some top sales reps in your company who are still doing OK…but they're not exactly sharing their secrets with you. If you just knew their secrets…

So What Does A Salesperson Have To Do To Survive—Even THRIVE—In This Recession?

Examine your choices:

1. You could try to “stick to the status quo” and just not do anything differently.

Maybe you've heard the old saying “If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.”

This saying does NOT hold true in a recession. If you keep doing what you've been doing—in a recession, you could lose your sales job or your business altogether. If your performance is slipping—even if it's not your fault—you MUST take action and do something to improve.

2. You could get a second job.

Getting a second job may help you pay the bills, but in the long run it may hurt more than it helps.

Spending long hours away from your spouse or your family could make you a stranger in your own home. And even when you are home, you'll be so worn out from long hours spent working that you're no fun to be around. It could negatively impact your marriage, your relationship with your kids, and your health.

And even worse—it could negatively affect your performance at your main sales job…again, bringing you close to losing your job.

3. You could find a sales job in a different industry, or even get out of sales altogether.

If your industry has taken a major hit in this recession, looking for another sales job in a different industry might be a good move—that is…IF you're a top performer.

However, if you're NOT a top performer, ask yourself, “Would I hire me right NOW?” Be honest. If you're not in the top 10% of salespeople at your current company, can you really expect a sales manager from another company to take a chance on you…in this economy?

You could get out of sales altogether. But in a time when millions are being laid off all around the country, now is probably not the best time to be looking for a different job.

So what's the answer?

There's Only ONE Way to Recession-Proof Your Income and Guarantee Your Job In a Recession (And Beyond)…

The only possible way to create job security as a salesperson is to make more sales

There is no “Plan B.”

You can make excuses as to why this bad economy has made it “too hard” to sell…and end up exchanging stories with others in the unemployment line.

You can stomp your feet, shake your fist, get mad at politicians and greedy Wall Street Barons who caused this problem…and still end up broke.

In sales, your performance is all that matters. It may not even seem fair, especially now.

But the truth is—there really is no more important position in the company than that of the salesperson. Everyone else's job in the company depends on whether or not you make the saleeven your boss's job!

So if you're not performing, they'll find someone who will.

That's why…

There's Never Been a More Crucial Time to Get Serious About Dramatically Improving Your Sales Skills—FAST

It's time to step up your game. You can't sit idly by, watch your sales take a nosedive and blame it on circumstances beyond your control.

Your family is depending on you.

It's time to take action. Time to get serious about finally learning the skill of high-performance selling.

No more “winging it” on sales calls.

No more flying by the seat of your pants, hoping your charm and good looks will somehow make the sale for you (they won't…at least not anymore).

This is serious. It's time to double-down and finally learn and put into practice the behaviors of top salespeople.

If you know, deep down inside, what I'm saying is true (and it is)…and you're guilty of not using PROVEN selling techniques on every call…of “winging it” when it comes to the close…of reading sales courses, listening to CD's and even going to seminars, yet NOT applying what you learn in real selling situations…

…but you're DEAD SERIOUS about changing all that…

Allow me, Brian Tracy, to be your personal selling coach, guiding you safely by the hand through this recession.

By working together we can:

  • Make you indispensable to your company—where “letting you go” is the furthest thing from your boss's mind
  • Secure your family's income—allowing you to breathe easy, enjoy life again, and sleep well knowing all your bills are paid
  • STUN your boss (and his or her boss), your co-workers, your spouse and even yourself as you quickly become a top sales performer in your company—meeting and exceeding your sales quota…YES…even in this recession

And it can happen FASTER than you ever dreamed possible, that is—IF you are willing to do what it takes…

High-Performance Selling For The New Economy

The Most Comprehensive Training Program Ever Devised On the Subject of Selling—Especially In a Tough Economy

I hate to see salespeople suffer needlessly in this economy. So for the last few months, my staff and I have been work day-and-night to create the most comprehensive sales training program specifically for selling in this recession.

So What Is This Training Program? …It's actually TWO Things in One:

PART 1: It's all of YOUR recession-specific selling questions answered, at great length on video, filmed just a few months ago. We very recently asked over 200 of our clients to submit their responses to the burning questions “If you could ask Brian Tracy ANYTHING about selling in this recession, what would it be?”

The response was staggering! Over 150 people responded with tough-as-nails questions revealing their every struggle…every objection…every sales pitfall they're encountering “on the street selling in today's tough environment.”

My staff and I worked tirelessly to assemble our most well-researched answers to these tough questions, and I filmed separate “video answers.” As a result of your training, you'll know EXACTLY what to do when you encounter these real-life problems:

PART 2: It's a COLOSSAL yet easily usable 30 DVD Set that is the “Last Word” on Successful Selling. Absolutely EVERY question—EVERY selling situation…it's ALL covered here. And the best part, since this DVD set is logically divided into topics of burning concern to every salesperson—it's easy to find what you're looking for.

PLUS—you'll also get a GIANT 443-page workbook where you can easily follow along with the DVDs, so you can fill in the blanks, and absorb the key concepts. Each chapter ends with Application Exercises, so you can quickly apply what you learn in the real selling world, and watch your sales soar!

Here's a partial glimpse of what's covered in detail inside this Massive Successful Selling Library:

DVD 1: The Winning Edge

  • The amazing secret why some salespeople sell 2-3 times more than others in the same industry (it's not what you think)
  • A proven, scientific method to double your sales in the next 12 months
  • The 4 keys to developing an almost “unfair” selling advantage in ANY field
  • The 7 Critical Success Factors in Selling
  • 4 Essential Elements you must focus on to become a top sales performer in any field

DVD 2: Qualities of Top Salespeople

  • The most important SINGLE element of sales success
  • The #1 obstacle to sales success exposed
  • The secret to overcoming fears that hold average salespeople back
  • The 7 Character Qualities of ALL top salespeople…and how to develop them in yourself
  • How to become a “consultant”—not just a “salesperson”
  • The 3 Critical Factors for being prepared for every sales call

DVD 3: The New Model of Selling

  • Why what used to work in selling just a few years ago no longer works in 2009
  • The 4 “old school” selling techniques you should avoid at all costs
  • What's MOST important to your customer in today's market (HINT: It's NOT the service or the product you sell)
  • The secret to making small price differences irrelevant to your customer

DVD 4: Mega-Credibility in Selling

  • The one simple thing you can do to completely eliminate your customers' fear of making a buying mistake
  • How in three easy steps you can establish you and your company's credibility, earning you INSTANT respect in your prospect's eyes
  • The A-B-C formula for making your sales presentation itself a major credibility factor (note: This IS what will make you stand out head and shoulders above your competition and THRIVE…not just survive…in these economic times)

DVD 5: Asking Your Way To Success

  • How to avoid the 7 worst mistakes most salespeople make when speaking to and asking questions of prospects
  • The 4 basic types of questions you MUST learn to be an effective communicator and ELIMINATE REJECTION (I'll also give you my question blueprint…down to what words to start your questions with, how to say it and the best way to respond to their answers)
  • There are six key times that you can ask questions in a sales conversation. I'll share with you what to ask, when to ask it and how to respond to make the sale.

DVD 6: Secrets of Success In Selling

  • The average person wastes away 50% of their time. Learn my “no fail” process that allows you to identify what's holding you back, allowing you to get more accomplished with more success, everyday!
  • The ONE person to eliminate from your life if you are EVER going to rise to the top and achieve your goals
  • The one mindset that highly successful salespeople adopt that allow them to sell circles around their competition. It's simple yet 98% of you are STILL not doing it! Learn it and you'll move to the top of the pack
  • The two “magic questions” to ask yourself after every sales call that will continually allow you to improve your sales and boost your business

DVD 7: Overcoming Price Resistance

  • A simple technique for not only overcoming price objections but completely shifting the focus so that price is of no concern AT ALL
  • 6 proven responses to price concern that allows you to determine their exact objections
  • My exact process to determining the difference between your prospects willingness to pay and their actual ability to pay. This is an especially important skill to have in these economic times, learn this and you'll have the upper hand in proving why they need your product or service, justifying price and making the sale

DVD 8: Closing The Sale

  • How to eliminate your customer's stress at closing and raise your confidence by doing this one simple thing
  • Learn the 4 conditions that must be satisfied before you have earned the right to ask for the sale. (Overlook just one of these and you can guarantee to walk away empty-handed!)
  • Exactly what to say to the “Let me think it over’s” so that they completely switch gears and give you a big fat “YES!”

DVD 9: Psychology of Selling

  • Discover the #1 quality of top salespeople that sets them apart from the rest of the pack and how you use it to rise to the top as well. (NOTE: This is probably the toughest concept for salespeople to understand, however once mastered, your levels of effectiveness will improve in EVERY aspect of selling)
  • How to finally put all your selling fears to rest by identifying these three concepts about yourself that are, and will continue to, hold you back unless addressed.
  • 7 specific self-esteem building behaviors that will skyrocket your confidence and end all your selling fears, making you an unstoppable presence in your marketplace.

DVD 10: Team Management for Salespeople

  • How to plan your day, start time, route, and order of visits to make the most of your time and reach the decision makers.
  • How to measure your current level of sales activity and quickly increase the number of minutes you spend with customers by 10% each week.
  • The key question that you must ask yourself constantly throughout your day that will allow you to focus your energies, see more people, better manage your time and make more sales!

DVD 11: Influencing Customer Behavior

  • The 7 VERY surprising yet never failing buying influences that, when properly understood and addressed, allow you to take complete control over the prospect and the sale.
  • The two powerful words to include in the buying conversation that will completely change the way your customer reacts to your product or service…know these and you have it in the bag!
  • What actions to take in order to turn a negative prospect into a happy and eager customer in a matter of minutes.

DVD 12: How Buyers Buy

  • The ever reliable (no matter what economy) A-B-C formula for understanding the conversation going on in your prospect’s mind, which allows you to structure your presentation to address their needs and wants perfectly. (You’ll blow ’-em away with your wisdom and insight!)
  • The 7 key questions you must answer in every sales conversation (whether they are asked or not) that will give the prospect the green light to say “yes.”
  • You can get 95% of the way to the sale and lose it of you do not resolve ____________. (Know this and it’s smooth sailing!)

DVD 13: Selling Made Simple

  • An easy way to use the classic AIDA selling formula in today’s marketplace and come out looking like a champion every time.
  • An interesting way to demonstrate the features of your product or service that make you better and more desirable than anything else they have seen.

DVD 14: Selling Different Types of Customers

  • Learn how to determine your customer’s personality type, and using my step-by-step response process, be able to sell them the way they want to be sold.
  • The one critical mistake most salespeople make that eliminates three quarters of their potential prospects.
  • How to successfully sell two or more decision makers who are involved in a single buying decision. (This one can be tricky but I’ll show you how to wow and please them all!)

DVD 15: Power Politics and Influence

  • The dirty little secrets behind large account selling.
  • How to find the one person who will get you in the door, navigate you through the choppy political waters and even help influence them to say “yes.” (Finding this person should be your first prospecting activity…blow it and you don’t stand a chance).
  • 8 risk factors within every organization that are waiting to sabotage your selling efforts.

DVD 16: Value-Added Selling

  • My exact formula for overcoming price concerns that will make selling in today's economy a breeze
  • Learn how to position value in order to win over all decision makers, from end user, to economic buyer, to purchasing agent or controller
  • How to prove that your product or service, at a higher price, is more suitable to your prospect than another product at a lower cost

DVD 17: Selling Consultatively

  • How to position yourself as a consultant rather than a salesperson, allowing you to catapult to the top of your field.
  • Discover the one factor that determines, more than anything else, how the customer reacts and responds to your sales offering.
  • How to achieve the consultant mindset that will prove your expertise, taking you away from the continual contest and argument over cost, price and performance.

DVD 18: Prospecting Power

  • The 6 characteristics of a good prospect that make him easier to sell.
  • • The 7 determining factors of a poor prospect that will allow you to quickly filter out the bad leads, allowing you to save time and focus your efforts on only the most profitable prospects.
  • My quick and easy checklist that will have you armed and ready to answer any question and take on any objection during the prospecting process.

DVD 19: Complex Selling

  • My step-by-step Complex Selling Model that is guaranteed to make it easier than ever for you to sell more of your products and services to more customers than you could ever imagine.
  • The easy way to know exactly what you are doing and where you are at every stage of a complex sale. (Get off track and rush the sale and you’ll end up looking like a fool PLUS lose the sale…for good)

DVD 20: Personal Sales Planning

  • How to think and plan like the most successful top sales stars. (Note: There is a specific mindset, strategic set of goals, activities and planning they adopt that allows them to excel faster than all the rest)
  • My personal hour-by-hour time blueprint that allows total control of time and energy, and is one of the most important KEYS to sales success.
  • How to plan so that you can get more done in a week than you currently accomplish all month!

DVD 21: Relationship Selling

  • Discover the ONE THING that is more important to the customer than the product or service.
  • The little known secret to getting high, predictable, repeated sales.
  • 7 rules you must follow in order to successfully build a lifelong relationship with your customers.

DVD 22: Selling on Non-Price Issues

  • Learn the three Must-Know factors that completely diminish concerns about price during the sales conversation.
  • How to develop your own “no fail” strategy for winning the price wars in your market
  • The 7 different ways to understand your customer or prospects purchase behavior, and how they make purchase decisions. (Hint: Learn how to recognize these 7 behaviors and they’ll think you’re a mind reader!)

DVD 23: Negotiating the Sale

  • The one “kiss of death” you must never do when negotiating.
  • Discover the “what, when, how and if” of negotiating
  • The truth about negotiation and how you can avoid getting burned now AND again in the future.

DVD 24: Identifying Needs and Presenting Solutions

  • Exactly what to say to a customer who says, “I can’t afford it” or “I’m not interested.”
  • How one well-worded sentence can be the key to sales success, in every situation, with every customer.
  • 8 key questions that will arm you with the ammo to ease their mind and end any doubt, giving you the perfect closing opportunity.
  • My rarely talked about Secret 2-Step Selling Process. (It doesn’t get any easier my friends!)

DVD 25: Qualities of Top Negotiators

  • 7 secret practices of the worlds top negotiators.
  • The ONE key negotiating tactic that works in almost every situation, without fail.
  • Discover the Law of Four and how it identifies the issues at hand, allowing you to ride in like the white knight to save the day and make the negotiation possible.

DVD 26: Building Customer Relationships

  • Your hands down, #1 goal when you first meet with a customer. (and I guarantee you are currently getting this wrong…big mistake)
  • 7 keys to building an iron-clad customer relationship.
  • The one simple behavior you can use to make people feel important.

DVD 27: Overcoming Objections

  • How you deal with an objection before it even comes up or immediately neutralize it when it does
  • How to develop “bulletproof” answers to every common objection.
  • 7 proven strategies that you can use for answering objections effectively when and if they arise.
  • My 4 step formula for dealing with objections and proceeding through to the sale.

DVD 28: Customer For Life

  • 3 quick questions you can ask that will allow you to discover exactly how you can serve your customers better.
  • Learn the major reason that people buy or decide against buying a product or service. (Knowing this will allow you to service your customers better than anyone else)
  • The single most significant sales influence in the market today.

DVD 29: Telephone Sales

  • The #1 secret to getting an appointment over the phone.
  • How to ensure your appointments are not cancelled when working by telephone.
  • The absolute best way to assure that people buy when they phone your company.
  • The single most important thing you MUST do in a telephone sale call. (Hint: Mess this up and you’ll be hearing a dial tone for sure)

DVD 30: Service Excellence

  • The #1 thing customers want when they buy something, and it has nothing to do with price or getting a good deal.
  • The absolute best way to handle customer complaints.
  • The two simple steps you can take to ensure your customers remain happy, satisfied and stick around for a long, long time.

Here's what will be your reality—in a shorter time than you EVER thought possible…

Imagine the look on your boss's face when he or she looks at the sales reports and sees YOUR name at the top…him or her saying “Wow, you're really doing great…I don't know what's gotten into you, but I wish it would rub off on our other salespeople…”

Think about the overwhelming sense of relief you'll feel, looking at your paycheck and seeing MORE than enough money there to pay your bills. Imagine how liberating it will feel to tell your spouse—with total confidence—“Honey—everything really is gonna be OKAY!”

Think of how freeing it will be to really feel “off work" when you're off—instead of constantly worrying if you're going to be able to pay your bills…or if you'll even HAVE a job next week. Instead, you'll be able to take your spouse out to dinner, laughing, enjoying one another's company again…or maybe take the kids out for ice cream or to the zoo…or taking a day to enjoy some golf or catch up with old friends…and not even THINK about work or money problems, ever again.

No Matter Who You Are…No Matter What You Sell…You CAN Become A Top Sales Performer FAST—Yes, Even In This Recession

As you can see—this course is jam-packed with EVERYTHING you could ever need to rise to the Top 10% in sales of your company, and beyond.

And it doesn't matter where you are right now. Remember—everyone who ever made it into the Top 10% was once in the bottom 10%. How did they get there? Their knowledge and skill—the very knowledge that is contained in every inch of this course.

As you put this knowledge into practice, you will become unstoppable:

NO recession…NO economic turndown…NO job cut…NO credit crunch…NOTHING will affect you. Because you will be the driving force, the rainmaker, the Top Sales PRO, your boss, his or her boss, even the entire COMPANY will look to and count on you to make the sale, moving the company forward—in tough times and beyond.

You will become the provider your family can depend on. Even your clients and future prospects will begin to look at you differently, preferring to deal with YOU—the Sales PRO.

All it takes is a firm decision RIGHT NOW—a decision to REFUSE to continue to be a recession victim. A decision to put ALL excuses behind you as your “old self”—with your “new self” being fully committed to doing whatever it takes to finally become the highly skilled Sales Pro you know is inside you.

If this describes you, then you're probably wondering…

“This Sounds Like Exactly What I Need, Brian. But How Much Does It Cost?”

To be fair, not “cost” so much as “investment.” You get everything I've described here—all 40 plus minutes of me answering every possible question you could have about selling in THIS economy—filmed just a few months ago…PLUS all 30 DVD's—the most comprehensive sales training system I've EVER developed…for 1 payment of $1,995, or broken down into 3 easy payments ($700 each, 1st immediately, 2 more, 30 days after previous payment).

Normally This Would Cost You $10,000 For A Live Training, BUT...

This 30-DVD set is the same sales training I offer at my $10,000 per seat, week-long sales seminars. Now, instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars flying across the country, spending $1,000, or more, for a week in an expensive hotel, plus meals…missing an entire week of work and being away from your family, just to attend a live seminar…you can view these SAME materials in the comfort of your own home, at a FRACTION of the cost of attending a live seminar.

Plus, we all know the key to learning is repetition. Live seminars are great—but the one thing they can't offer is repetition. With this Giant DVD set at your fingertips, you'll have the World's Best Sales Training Techniques—at your beck and call, anytime you need them.

Time management a concern? Just pop in the Time Management DVD and you'll immediately identify the problem and know how to fix it quickly.

Objection you're having a hard time overcoming? Watch DVD #27 before you head to your first sales call and you'll be amazed at how easily you sidestep even the toughest roadblocks any client or prospect can throw at you.

Having a hard time getting an appointment? Just pop in DVD #29 and you'll be shocked as your appointment book begins to fill up with prospects you once thought were “impossible” to see.

Whatever selling questions you encounter—you'll keep coming back to this resource over and over and you WILL find the answer. It's a resource you'll treasure over your entire sales career.

What would increasing your income by $1000…$2000…$5000 a month or MORE mean to your family right now? How “relieved” will you feel, knowing all your bills are paid?

And it doesn't end there—once these superior selling skills become “second nature” to you, your income and your opportunities are limitless.

In fact, you may “outgrow” your company, choosing to sell a different product or service. Not a problem. There's not a company in the WORLD who wouldn't hire you, once you're a proven Top 10% Performer.

And that's exactly what you'll become—in fact, I guarantee it!

“Rise to The Top 10% of Your Sales Organization in One Year Or Less, Or Get 100% of Your Money Back—GUARANTEED

If you're dead-serious about thumbing your nose at this recession and becoming a Top 10% performer in your sales organization, I guarantee when you follow the instruction in this course you CANNOT fail. I'm SO confident in these proven selling secrets that I'm putting all the risk on me.

Get the course, watch the videos, and apply what you learn in the field. Test it for a FULL YEAR. If you don't rise to the top 10% of your sales organization after applying these concepts in your own sales situations—I BEG you, pack it all up and send it back to me for a full refund. I'll give you back every penny you paid—no questions asked. No explanation necessary.

So, as you can see, there's NO risk to you whatsoever. Maybe you're still wondering…

But Should You Invest In This NOW?

I'm sure you can come up with reasons to “wait.” Everyone's instinct is to stop spending money, especially now. Maybe you think your spouse will look at you like you're nuts, wanting to spend “that kind of money” right now.

That's not nuts. I'll tell you what's NUTS…

If you're struggling salesperson in this economy, it's NUTS to continue down the path you're on unchanged. It's NUTS to think this economy will somehow turn around tomorrow (it won't), and everything will somehow be “alright.”

You URGENTLY NEED different and superior sales training to cut through the clutter and competition…rise above the panicked competitors furiously slashing prices…to motivate quality prospects to choose you, trust you, and buy from you—even if they're resisting others.

Waiting just won't do. You don't have that long to wait to become a superior salesperson. This new economy has changed the landscape for you PERMANENTLY. Things will never “go back” to how they once were. It's up to you to rise to meet this challenge, or become a recession victim yourself.

If you're doing really, really well right now, I know you'll invest in this system. Winners are winners for a reason. We're always looking for something—even one thing—to allow us to reach our goals faster, with less effort.

But if you're struggling a bit, if you've felt the angst and the adverse affects of this recession…you've seen your commission checks shrink…you've felt the uncomfortable weight in sales meetings as the boss looks over the pitiful numbers…you've felt bewilderment as you discover what once worked is no longer working…if you're frustrated, stressed, and worried…you NEED me and my system. NOW…Don't put it off.


Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

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