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“Finally! A proven system for erasing debt FOREVER, starting with your most powerful tool – your mind – and including ACTUAL techniques for taking complete control of your finances and building long-term wealth”

All in one place: everything you need to develop the mindset and skill sets to achieve financial independence, forever!

From the Desk of Brian Tracy
San Diego, CA

Take a moment and imagine how your life would be different if you didn’t have any debt.

How much more disposable income would you have? How much more money could you save for retirement or for your children’s college funds?

How much more secure would you feel?

If you ever feel like you’re drowning in debt and will never reach the surface, or you would love to save but can barely make your minimum payments, or you’ll be working until the day you die because you can’t put anything away for retirement, this is for you.

Let me share a few facts with you:

So you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. Our society thrives on instant gratification and “keeping up with the Joneses.” This mindset fuels overspending to the point where thousands of dollars in credit card debt is common. Unless you were raised and taught by parents who have a conscious understanding of wealth and wealth-building, you’re probably set on America’s “default” for finances: build up debt, buy whatever you want, and forget about retiring.

Interestingly, 20% of people control 80% of the wealth.

The question we must ask is, Why?

What have these people done to achieve financial success?

Here’s the thing: the recipes and formulas for financial success are tested and proven, year after year. Millions of people go from rags to riches in one generation.

You’ve probably heard me say that success leaves tracks. Naturally, so does financial success.

The good news is that you can learn the skills you need to follow them.

Even if you’re poor now, even if you’re not educated, even if you don’t have any advantages.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from; it only matters where you’re going.

So where are you going?

The way I see it, you have 2 choices:

  1. You can continue on your current trajectory, racking up debt and just scraping by, until you retire, at which time you can hope Social Security still exists and that it’s enough to pay your grocery bills. If not, you can always get another job and continue working long into your eighties.
  2. Or, you can take action now to change your mindset and your habits, and to develop the skills you need to become financially independent. When you retire, your financial fortress can support you in the manner in which you want to be supported. No stress, just relaxation and all the time you want to spend with your friends and family.

If you like the second option, let me tell you a little more about my own past, and how I can help you achieve financial success and independence.

I’m Brian Tracy, the owner of a successful multi-million dollar corporation in the beautiful town of San Diego, California. I’ve authored dozens of best-selling books about sales and personal and professional success, as well as hundreds of learning programs on similar topics.

But how did I earn the right to teach people what I know?

I didn’t graduate high school; during my early adulthood, I worked odd labor jobs and lived out of my car for a while. When I hit the age of 30, I was disappointed about how little progress I’d made. I was going nowhere, financially.

So, for the first time, I got serious about money.

I settled down and created a real plan for becoming wealthy.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t experience setbacks; I experienced countless temporary failures. But I’m here to tell you that with some work, you, too, can become wealthy during the course of your working lifetime.

In fact, most of the wealthy people are unremarkable. You must believe that they’re not any better or smarter than you (because likely, they’re not). They’re invariably honest, hardworking men and women who have taken risks, developed expertise in their chosen fields, and refused to quit when the going gets tough.

It’s not a miracle or luck. It’s cause and effect in action. If you do what other successful wealthy people do, over and over, you will eventually get the same results.

And I’m going to teach you what to do.

Introducing my brand new program, “Wealth Building Made Simple.”

During this program you learn to start with nothing and become wealthy; to get out of debt with a fool-proof system; to transform your thinking about yourself and money; to develop the million-dollar habits you need; and to get rich in your own special way.

In short, you learn how to set and achieve ALL your financial goals.

Here’s just a sampling of what “Wealth Building Made Simple” includes:

Disc 1: The Starting Point of Riches

America is known as the land of opportunity. If that’s the case, then why do so few people become wealthy? Furthermore, why do people with limited abilities become rich, while seemingly intelligent and capable people do not?

More importantly, what can YOU do, starting now, to become wealthy? This lesson explains.

You learn:

  • The 5 reasons people DON’T become wealthy (you can overcome every single one of these – which ones are holding you back?)
  • Why thinking about this ONE thing can not only kick start your getting-rich process, but can also make you a better and more serious person
  • The 5 main ways fortunes are made in America (you’re probably using one right now and don’t even know it – but without applying your newfound knowledge, you may continue to scrape by forever)
  • Why simply earning lots of money isn’t enough; and what you must do with your money to build real wealth
  • 7 forms of leverage – turning what you have into what you need and want

Disc 2: Becoming a Money Magnet

You must accept financial success in your thinking long before you achieve it in your reality. The most important single step you take on the road to wealth and financial independence is the decision to change your thinking and develop an unshakeable belief that you can and will achieve your financial goals.

Again, the good news here is that this belief is learnable – anyone, including you, can develop it.

You learn:

  • The Law of Correspondence – how your outer world reflects your inner world – and how to use it to create the inner world that supports the outer world you want to experience
  • The Law of Expectations – how you can define your own reality
  • The 3 places you continually see the Law of Correspondence – your relationships, wealth and the faces of others – and why, if you’re not seeing what you want to, you hold the power to change it
  • The definition of “Prosperity Consciousness,” why it’s the starting point of wealth, and how to use it to build your financial fortress

Disc 3: The Power of Visualization

It sounds simple, but many people don’t know a working process for using visualization to achieve anything and everything they want. If you’re missing any of the steps in visualization, you’re missing out on an immensely powerful tool in building your wealth.

Visualization is creating clear mental pictures of the things you want. It activates your creative mind, triggers the Law of Attraction and gives you clarity and focus in attaining your goals.

You learn:

  • The 4 factors to multiply your powers
  • How length, frequency and intensity of visualization affect your ability to use it to reach your goals
  • To resist your fears so you learn how to talk to yourself in a positive way that helps you attract the things you want
  • To control your inner dialogue – you become what you think about most (and how you talk to yourself plays a HUGE role in the results you get – are you doing it right?)
  • To program your mind for automatic success

Disc 4: Invest for Success

Financial planning is the tool you use to go from where you are now to the financial independence you crave. It’s not enough to simply earn money; you must make your money work for you. This is where knowledge and education are extremely important – making wise investments with a better chance for return is crucial.

Discover how and where the wealthy invest.

You learn:

  • The 5 places the wealthy invest almost all of their money
  • How to do the research you need to understand WHY and HOW you invest for success (Russian Roulette just won’t work, here)
  • The 100 to 1 Rule for earning as much as possible on your investments
  • The 10 Rules for Investment Success – used and proven by Yours Truly

Disc 5: Starting From Nothing

When I started off in life, I felt sorry for myself because I had no money. I’d read academic treatises that said life was unfair in America because some people have money and some people don’t; if you didn’t have money to start off with, you had little chance of success later in life. Then something profound happened: I discovered that virtually everyone in America starts off with nothing.

For this reason, the American constitutional system was designed, with a framework of commercial law, to make it possible for anyone to become successful. Take advantage of it.

You learn:

  • The 4 Ds to financial success
  • The most important qualities necessary for financial and personal success (you can develop these!)
  • 5 ways to become wealthy, when starting with nothing
  • The one thing 74% of wealthy Americans have in common (you can join them!)
  • The oldest rule for success in America – follow it and achieve your dreams of financial success

Disc 6: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Business opportunities are everywhere. Before you start and build a business, you must know where to look for ways to add value. Becoming an entrepreneur is perhaps the most effective way to build your wealth. Again – success leaves tracks. So following in the footsteps of other successful entrepreneurs will yield a great return on your resources.

You learn:

  • One reason many entrepreneurs fail – and how to avoid falling into this trap
  • The 8-step process to determine whether people will actually buy your product
  • The right – and wrong – time to introduce a new product
  • Where to start when creating a business

Disc 7: Build Your OWN Business

Owning a business is hard work, no doubt about it. But when you learn and follow a proven method for growing a business successfully, your chances for success increase many times. You may think you know the true purpose of a business – but if you’ve got this one thing wrong, you probably won’t see success as an entrepreneur.

There are 7 principles for business success – miss any one of these and your success will be limited.

You learn:

  • The 7 principles for business success, and how to use them to your advantage
  • The ONE thing your business (or product/service) MUST do, or you don’t have a chance for financial success
  • The true purpose of a business
  • What you MUST do before starting any business
  • One thing you must NEVER do when you own a business

Disc 8: Investment Strategies

When should you start investing? If you’re serious about getting rich in your own way, the answer is NOW. You absolutely MUST plan if you want to get to financial independence. It’s as simple as that. Without a concrete plan, it’s unlikely you will ever achieve the goals you dream of. Various strategies exist that can lead you to building an estate and retiring wealthy.

The 3 legs of the financial planning stool include savings, insurance and investment – and techniques and concepts exist to ensure you have all 3.

You learn:

  • How much money you should have available in a liquid investment at all times
  • Different types of life insurance, and why they’re crucial
  • The 3 variable factors in any investment – and how to determine which one is right for you
  • The very best long-term investment, as long as it’s made on your terms
  • How to determine whether a land or real estate investment has potential for financial return

Disc 9: Creative Marketing and Selling

The major reason for business success is invariably the ability of the individual or the owner to move the product to the customer in an efficient, cost-effective manner. When you develop a product or service that people want, need, can use and will pay for – and then deliver it efficiently and cost-effectively – you succeed.

That’s the definition of marketing.

You learn:

  • The skill that accounts for 90% of your business success (it’s learnable!) – and why small changes and adjustments in this area can improve your business dramatically
  • 4 components of a strong marketing plan, and how they come together to create success
  • 5 rules for selling anything, anywhere – any violation of any one of these rules can lead to the failure of the enterprise
  • 5 questions you MUST answer in your marketing materials, or you’re just wasting your resources
  • The primary reason people retire poor – and how to avoid it
  • 20 ways to sell your product

Disc 10: Getting the Money You Need

For many people, not having the capital to start a business can present a major roadblock. But it doesn’t have to. This lesson reveals what you must do to become all you can be – including a millionaire – by starting your own business. The first step: getting the money you need.

Great news: many different avenues exist for finding money – all you need is a little persistence to utilize them.

You learn:

  • The single biggest reason for failure in adult life – and how it can paralyze you when it comes to starting your own business
  • 2 reasons people don’t start and succeed in their own businesses (you can overcome these)
  • Your most valuable assets when it comes to starting and growing an ultra-successful business
  • 16 places to find capital to start your business (you may be surprised at some of these)
  • 5 factors banks look for when deciding whether to give you a loan
  • 7 fast-growth cities where a new business has the potential to thrive

Disc 11: Making Money in Real Estate

Myths abound around the topic of making money in real estate. The field of real estate is one of the most dynamic and competitive in the country. The real estate industry includes some of the smartest, sharpest and most experienced and determined business professionals anywhere. So why, then, do “experts” lose millions as a results of decisions and investments that turn out wrong?

It’s possible to do well in real estate, as long as you approach it as you would any other business.

You learn:

  • 5 key requirements for success in the field of real estate
  • The 3 things behaviors you must perfect when backing your real estate plans
  • Why real estate as a get rich quick scheme simply doesn’t work
  • 4 factors to intelligent investing
  • 10 factors to consider when deciding where to buy a real estate investment property
  • The key variable in determining whether you invest in a particular city or area

Disc 12: Getting Rich in Real Estate

Real estate is an art as well as a science. Once you have learned how to choose investments wisely, you must learn how to become wealthy as the result of real estate ownership. Luckily, you don’t have to discover the process by guesswork.

There is a proven system to follow to not only invest, but to get rich off your investments.

You learn:

  • The Great Law of real estate – knowing this can make your success, and not knowing it can break your success
  • 2 things you must not do when deciding on an investment property
  • What you are REALLY purchasing when you buy any property, and why keeping this in mind is essential when making any commitment
  • The surest way to evaluate a neighborhood for investment potential – your profits depend on it
  • 3 methods for determining the value of a property in which you plan to invest

Disc 13: Think and Grow Rich

There is a direct correlation between how much creativity you use and how wealthy you become. One good idea can start you off on the road to success. Again, creativity is a learned skill. You can develop and hone your creativity so you develop one great, profitable idea after another – leading you down a path of unprecedented success.

You learn:

  • 3 main reasons creativity is so important in becoming financially successful
  • How you can become wealthy by doing things faster, better or cheaper – and becoming more productive
  • How to perform higher-value tasks that require more intelligence and creativity
  • How to stimulate your creativity

Disc 14: Learn From The Best

There are 2 ways to learn what you need to learn to become wealthy: learn from your own mistakes and experiences, or learn from the mistakes and experiences of others. The second method is cheaper and easier – and also the least used.

You can greatly accelerate your growth and progress toward financial success by systematically studying and copying the successful men and women who have gone before you.

You learn:

  • What you must do if you want to be a winner – the top people in every field have done this, and you can, too
  • 5 qualities of outstanding men and women in every field
  • Why “intelligence” is often misconstrued – and how it’s really measured
  • How long it takes to move into the top 10% of your field, if you put your whole heart into doing the best job possible
  • The emotional side of success – and how to develop greater wisdom and understanding

Disc 15: Leading the Field

In this final lesson, I want to introduce you to 3 pathways to affluence, to getting rich your own way. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of people have followed these pathways to financial independence. You don’t have to start a business or invest in real estate to become a millionaire.

You learn:

  • The 2 common denominators of the people at the top of their fields
  • The keys to becoming a millionaire using one of the 3 pathways mentioned above – how to guarantee your financial future
  • How to gain enormous satisfaction and pleasure from whatever you choose to do – and therefore, earn a great income
  • The one thing to which you must dedicate yourself if you want to achieve excellence in anything
  • An action you can take, starting today, to greatly enhance your chances of becoming a millionaire

When you go through “Wealth Building Made Simple,” you learn the foundational principles of achieving financial independence.

You may be thinking, “This sounds great, Brian, but how are we going to cover all this?”

First of all, you should know I’m totally committed to your success. I want you to learn wealth building skills from my experience and from the experience of others who have traveled this road before me.

To that end, here’s what you get when you order your copy of “Wealth Building Made Simple”:

  1. 15 audio CDs, listen to these audio lessons at your convenience, as many times as you want to
  2. Digital versions of all the audios, so you can take them with you wherever you go
  3. 6 months’ membership in my Business Growth Strategies, a personalized profit growth strategies program. You get access to 52 high-powered video lessons, as well as unlimited access to more than $2 million in programs, access to my resource center, and newsletters, ebooks, blog posts and monthly seminars.

So in addition to my BRAND-NEW material in the “Wealth Building Made Simple” program, you get access to my best-selling, most powerful programs, free for 6 months.

“Sounds great, Brian.
How much is this all going to cost?”

Since we’ve been talking about wealth building, I probably don’t have to explain the difference between a cost and an investment.

When you invest in yourself right now, you’re investing in your financial future, your independence.

How much is that worth to you? In “Wealth Building Made Simple,” I explain exactly how you can become a millionaire.

So this is a million-dollar investment, right?

But I’m only asking you for $97.

When you apply the mindset and skills I teach in this program, you earn back this investment in no time.

Plus, you’re completely covered by my iron-clad, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buy the product, try the techniques therein for a year. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

So again, you have 2 choices:

  1. You can continue on your current trajectory, racking up debt and just scraping by, until you retire, at which time you can hope Social Security still exists and that it’s enough to pay your grocery bills. If not, you can always get another job and continue working long into your eighties.
  2. Or, you can take action NOW. You can invest in yourself and learn how to build a financial fortress.

Which do you choose?

I chose the second option, and I’ve earned $1 million in 9 different businesses. And remember, I was a high school dropout who started with nothing.

So are you ready to learn “Wealth Building Made Simple”?

Yes, Brian!
I’m ready to build
my financial fortress.

Send me my copy of “Wealth Building Made Simple.”

I understand that for my investment of $97, I get:

  • 15 audio CDs, I can listen to these audio lessons at my convenience, as many times as I want to
  • Digital versions of all the audios so I can take them with me wherever I go
  • 6 months’ membership in Business Growth Strategies, a personalized profit growth strategies program. I get access to 52 high-powered video lessons, as well as unlimited access to more than $2 million in programs, access to the Brian Tracy resource center, and newsletters, ebooks, blog posts and monthly seminars

And I understand I’m covered by your 1-year, 100% guarantee. I buy the program, try everything I learn for a year, and if it doesn’t live up to my expectations I can return it for a full refund.

This is your chance to take complete control of your financial life. Why learn the hard way? I’ve compiled years of research and experience into this one easy-to-follow program, so you can learn from the mistakes and experience of others.

Your financial independence awaits. All you have to do is create it, starting now.

Here’s to your financial fortress,

Brian Tracy

P.S. I’m selling only a limited number of copies of “Wealth Building Made Simple”; our last 2 “Made Simple” offers sold out fast! So if you are ready to take action, get out of debt and achieve financial independence, get in on this offer now.