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It’s a whole new game!

By J Spriggs (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

I’ve always had an outstanding ability to make it look great on paper. Seriously, better than anyone I work with. But when it came time to deliver, I was hit with the fact that you can't bring it home by just standing there, clicking through a PowerPoint presentation (no matter how masterfully it was assembled). But that's all that I could bring to the game. I literally had no choice but to pass the ball to someone else, who would inevitably get the glory for my hard work. Now it's a whole new game. Since I watched this video I'm the heavy hitter of the company. Now my skills and confidence to truly deliver winning presentations have excelled far beyond that of any of my previous pinch hitters.

Thank you Brian!

By T. Haderer (Austria)

You helped me a lot. [6 Figure Speaker] has helped me to improve my gesture and my control of my voice. I am more concentrated on how to speak clearly, being persuasive and more focused on my subjects to deliver it to all my attendees. Thank you Mr. Brian Tracy!