Free Training Webinar:
4 Keys to Set & Achieve ANY Goal

Presented by World-Renowned Personal & Professional Development Coach, Brian Tracy

Presented by World-Renowned Success Coach, Brian Tracy

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If you give me just one hour of your time, I will personally show you the necessary steps to set and achieve any goal you put your mind to.

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    During this free-webinar presentation, you will learn:

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      Overcome the Fear of Change: Fear of change is a major source of fear and stress.
      Setting goals allow you to control the direction of change.
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      Find Your Area of Excellence: Each person has the ability to be excellent in one or
      more areas. Learn the three keys to finding your Area of Excellence: 1. Attention. 2.
      Interest. 3. Absorption.
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      The Acres of Diamonds Principle: Your greatest opportunities might be right in front of
      you—your business, knowledge, talents, experiences, company, or friends may hold the
      answer. Like diamonds, these opportunities come disguised as hard work.
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      Achieving Balance: Your goals must be in balance with each other and your
      needs—your WHY (personal and family goals), your WHAT (business and career goals),
      and your HOW (self-improvement goals).
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      Major Definite Purpose: Your Major Definite Purpose is the one goal which, once
      achieved, will have the greatest positive impact on your life. This goal must be SMART,
      Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bounded.

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    • Harness "the crucial secret" that will determine your ideal outcomes.
    • Discover your inner strength to push you and
      make your dreams a reality.
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    ultimate "goal-setting" success formula -- the same one I’ve
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    Friday, July 21,2017

    11:00 am PST/ 02:00pm EST

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      Brian Tracy is the master of teaching
      ordinary people to be extraordinary.
      It was his products that catapulted

      Robert Roots

      Robert Roots


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      Personal success and Brian Tracy are
      synonymous. Nobody I know can
      teach you more about how to achieve
      succeed than Brian. He makes the
      case clearly and then proves it in his
      own remarkable life. If he recommend
      it, do it. He know what he's
      talking about.

      Jim Cathcart

      Jim Cathcart

      Author, The Acorn Principle

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      Brian is the master of presenting
      powerful principles with effective simplicity. He has been a coach to me and
      because of this I am now living my

      Danny Gilbert

      Danny Gilbert

      Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

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