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About Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is the leading authority on personal
and professional success, and has addressed
millions of people in areas such as goal setting,
entrepreneurship and how to build and sustain wealth.

By becoming an affiliate, you’ll be offering exclusive,
life-changing products from Brian’s 30-plus years of
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Available Programs

The following programs have high EPCs and low refund rates:
Earn exponential earnings by passing on Brian’s highly effective teachings!

6-Figure Speaker

Designed for those who want to learn, develop or improve
the skill set required to speak confidently and effectively in
front of an audience, this 18-Module Virtual Training Course is
delivered over 2 consecutive weeks through a sequence of
online video modules delivered daily.

How to Write a Book and
Become a Published Author

Designed for anyone who has ever wanted to write and
publish a book and doesn’t know where to start, or for those
who’ve previously tried and failed. This 5 lesson course takes
individuals from planning to publishing.

Maximum Productivity

Designed for those who want to learn, develop or improve
their time management skills to maximize their productivity
and achieve greater success in every aspect of life, this online
course includes 12 engaging lessons that each include video
and audio training, downloadable worksheets, long-form blog
content, and quizzes for testing your knowledge.

Power of Personal Achievement

This transformational program will help individuals find the
clarity and confidence needed to dissolve self-imposed
limitations and become an unequivocal powerhouse in the
pursuit of their biggest, most important goals and dreams…
In 90 days or less!

21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance

Designed for anyone who wants to move to the top of their
field, close more sales, make more money, and gain the
respect of peers and colleagues as a leader in sales, this
12-week, 24-module virtual course will teach individuals how
to become a master in sales and double their income in 35
weeks or less.

“Partnering with Brian was
one of the best business
decisions I've ever made.”

John Assaraf

- John Assaraf

Professional Training
& Coaching

"I'm proud to call Brian one
of my top partners for over
fifteen years. His products have
changed the lives of my Rule
#1 community of investors."

Phil Town

- Phil Town

Investor, Hedge-Fund Manager,
NYT Best-Seller

"Brian Tracy’s work is power-
ful and one of a kind. I love
sharing his products and pro-
grams with my community."

Jack Canfield

- Jack Canfield

Best-Selling Author, Speaker,
and Personal Development Coach

Brian Tracy International

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