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Dear Aspiring Learning & High Achiever,

Let me ask you...

Have you ever been in an office meeting, maybe giving a big presentation, or even at a party and suddenly became tongue tied, forgetful or even anxious? Do you feel like you should be farther ahead in your life than you are now?

That you should be earning more?

What would you give if you KNEW it was guaranteed that you would avoid all those confidence crushing feelings forever? And what if you could learn more abilities, skills, and information faster than you dreamed possible?

Well, I'm here to tell you that these things ARE possible...

I know it firsthand, and so do the millions of others who've experienced it for themselves. Look – the Bill Gates, Walt Disneys, and Thomas Edisons of this world weren't born with any particular "gifts" or special talents...

But do you know what they DID have in common?

It's that they learned how to access the incredible power of the mind. To everything from computers, to the arts, to science – these incredible men were able to absorb and apply an immense amount of information faster than the average human being.

This is a skill you can develop too...

And in just a few hours, YOU can begin experiencing it for yourself. This means that you, too, can leverage your own human potential to learn and develop the way you truly want to, and achieve everything YOU want to achieve...

This means that you, too, have – inside your mind – the ability to change your life from the inside out. You can use this ability to learn how to do virtually anything: build a business, improve your memory, learn an instrument, become a skilled writer, become a master communicator, double your income...

The Possibilities Are Only
Limited by Your Imagination

Look, it's no big secret that we're living in the knowledge and information age...

And it's no big secret that speed has become a part of our everyday life.

That's because there is an abundance of information available literally at our fingertips...

So power goes to those who can absorb what they need or want, and learn new things at a rapid pace.

Are You Going to Get Ahead in Today's Information Age...

Or Are You Going to Be Left Behind?

See, if you're like most people, chances are you or someone you know has been in one of these situations:

  • You've prepared for a presentation or some form of speaking in front of a group. Maybe you're a little excited, yet nervous... and suddenly, your mind goes blank.

  • You run into acquaintances, associates, or even customers and clients... and oops, you can't remember their names!

  • You have a stack of reports or a list of books you want to go through, but there are just not enough hours in the day to get through them.

  • You're late for a meeting or appointment because you either forgot about it... or you can't remember where you left your car keys.

  • You've felt frustrated and maybe even "stuck" in your current financial situation, because you don't feel like you have the skills necessary to take on something new.

  • You're taking a test or working on a task at work, and you struggle to get through important information because you simply can't concentrate.

  • You listen to a presentation and then soon forget everything the presenter said, or read an entire book and remember only pieces of it.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's NOT your fault you feel frustrated, forgetful, or mentally overworked...

But what I'm also here to tell you is that today's "information age" is only going to expand and get LARGER...

And the list of new, in-demand skills is going to get longer.

So without a proven, step-by-step system for consuming and applying all this information, you'll just end up deeper in the hole of frustration while the competition passes you by.

You see, it's just like how certain techniques people used to use to for selling and advertising no longer work...

The same goes with learning, too.

So... What Does This Mean
for You?

This means that, in order to successfully maneuver through this information-filled age, you have to think and learn more efficiently... You have to learn how to go from frustrated, to motivated, and acquire more skills that others will gladly pay you for.

Look, using a system for accelerated learning has taken me from being completely broke, to becoming the owner of several multi-million dollar global business.

After discovering how to leverage my own human potential for learning, I've studied, researched, written, and spoke for over 30 years in the fields of economics, history, business, philosophy, and psychology...

I've consulted for more than 1,000 companies...

I've addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada, and 55 other countries worldwide...

I'm also a top selling author of over 45 books that have been translated into dozens of languages.

And through all of this, I can say one of the KEYS to my success was having a simple, PROVEN, repeatable system for rapidly consuming and processing information...

A system that can give you the ability to learn more, earn more, and BE more – all in a shorter amount of time.

Introducing My Brand-New
"Accelerated Learning
Techniques" System...

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Inside this 6 step system, I will show you how to use your own human potential to learn more, faster and easier...

And ultimately increase your most valuable asset – your earning power.

The reason the program works is that it's based on over 30 years of research and my experience in 5 different fields, along with proven ideas and strategies I've used in my multi-million dollar global agencies.

Millions of people (including myself) have already used these same techniques and strategies with tremendous amounts of success – so I KNOW they work.

And you don't need to be a "genius" to use these techniques...

You don't need to be an avid reader or a book worm...

You don't even need to have high levels of focus on concentration.

This simple system is just about learning things the right way... Without the hassle, without the long hours, and without the overload.

And inside Accelerated Learning Techniques, you'll discover how to:

  • Barrel through reams of information in less time than you ever thought possible... by using the same proven techniques top performers use, you'll learn, retain and recall information at a staggeringly fast pace (and you'll shorten your learning curve, too)

  • Increase your reading speed immediately... with just a few minutes of practice, you'll be amazed at how fast you're able to double (or triple) your reading speed... leaving the days of overwhelm or "not having enough time" in the dust

  • Develop a "mega memory"... one man was even able to memorize the entire Los Angeles phone book using this technique. You obviously won't need to do this, but it's nice to know you have the power if you wanted to

  • Instantly recall information you THOUGHT you'd forgotten... you'll impress your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and associates (and yourself) with your ability to recall events, details, names, etc

  • "Lock in" what you learn using something called "REM"... WITHOUT this simple technique, you'll only remember bits of pieces of things you learn, lengthening the time it takes for you to retain new information and skills

  • Use my fun "brain games" – including things like mental pictures, drawings and doodles – which will "exercise" your brain, so you retain more, recall more, and learn more, FASTER

But Accelerated Learning Techniques is NOT limited
to just boosting your memory and learning speed...

Inside, you'll also see how to:

  • Uncover your "Critical Success Factors" that give you the awareness and guidance you need to literally ENSURE your success (hint: it's not about visualization or positive thinking)

  • Propel yourself to new levels of personal performance... that's right, Accelerated Learning Techniques is not only about career and financial success, but also about slicing the time and effort it takes to achieve your personal goals in half

  • Boost your levels of productivity and achieve more in less time... leaving you with extra time to pursue those career, financial and personal goals you never thought you had the time for

  • Perform at your best all the time in virtually every situation that counts, by using a concept I call "The 7 Intelligences" (this concept will show you how to EXCEL in the areas you need to most)

  • Activate the centers of your brain responsible for rapidly absorbing information, easily doubling or tripling the amount you learn. This is the single, most important step you need to understand BEFORE you engage in any new endeavor

  • Escape the trap of "learned helplessness" that has been holding you back. Look, there's many beneficial things you learn, and other things holding you back that you need to UN-learn (I'll show you exactly how inside)

Remember, like I said earlier, it's really quite easy to learn this system... You don't need to be a genius, book worm, or anything like that.

If you can comprehend the words on this page you're on now and understand what I'm saying in my videos – then you can use Accelerated Learning Techniques.

Listen, you CAN use your brain in a new and better way, using its full potential – using the way it was designed to be used.

By using the proven secrets, I share inside, you'll get the memory, focus, concentration, and even the communication skills you've always dreamed of...

You'll learn simple tips and techniques like:

  • 3 Psychological "Tricks" guaranteed to improve your memory almost instantly... using just ONE of these tricks in your life could give you the skills you need to get back double (or triple) the amount you pay for this program.

  • The types of "Dominant Intelligence" that will unveil to you what type of learner you are, and how this affects your learning strategy and ability (and how to leverage this awareness for maximum efficiency).

  • 8 easy steps to Power Reading... these steps will exponentially boost your ability to read rapidly AND retain all the information (this could very well put you in the top 10% of successful people).

  • Steps to Power Writing that will bring out your inner "wordsmith" and allow you to write more fluently, quickly, and clearly so you get your message across the first time.

  • 3 ways to be a good listener so you can remember what people say to you easily, and use that as conversational pieces to create more rapport – without having to think too much or get stuck in your head.

  • 17 "Memory Fitness Exercises" that give your brain an incredible workout with little effort... think of these fun and simple exercises as a fitness gym for your mind.

  • 3 ways to become a master communicator... these techniques will show you how to confidently express your thoughts and ideas to other people, and instantly make you the type of person other people love to be around.

  • And much, much more...

What I'm sharing with you is over 30
years of my experience
continuous learning and success...

And with a little bit of guidance and direction from me, I truly believe you can learn more, faster than you've dreamed and increase your earning power in the process.

When You Order Your Copy of
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Accelerated Learning Techniques

Audio CD Set (6 CDs)

This is the fast track to super intelligence – the complete 6 step system – a total of 7 hours.

Like I mentioned earlier, these techniques and tips are based on over 30 years of my experience in 5 different fields...

Along with proven ideas and strategies I've used in my multi-million dollar global businesses, and that millions of other people have used to achieve profoundly successful results in their personal and professional lives.

You will be able to use these techniques for yourself to immediately learn, communicate, think, and concentrate at a much more efficient pace.

And to celebrate the launch of this system

I'm also giving you these 4 bonuses – as my gift to you...

Rapid Learning Made Simple

CD (A $24 Value)

By now, you already know that your ability to think clearly, logically, and quickly will boost your earning potential even more.

And with Rapid Learning Made Simple, you will learn how to increase your IQ by 25 points or more, which will truly maximize your brain power.

You'll also learn how to eat the right foods to fuel your brain for peak performance, along with what NOT to eat, and much more...

Doubling Your Productivity

DVD (A $75 Value)

I was in my mid-twenties when I first started my path to success...

I started off young with no money, but what I did learn to develop was ambition to achieve my goals.

I wanted to know what made other people so successful, and I eventually found all the key tools for turning ordinary people into extraordinarily success people.

In this 100 minute DVD seminar, you will learn these 4 key tools, and how to apply them to easily double YOUR productivity.

The Learning Revolution Report

(A $49 Value)

As you know, the dawn of the information age is well upon us...

And in this special report, I share with you my findings into this "Learning Revolution" that's taking place.

I expose the shifting paradigms of our rapidly advancing world, and this report prepares you for the coming changes in our society, in the work place, and more.

A 90 Day FREE Membership to
Business Growth Strategies

(A $291 Value at $97/month)

With exclusive membership to Business Growth Strategies, you'll get unlimited access to millions of dollars worth of practical, PROVEN ideas, as well as strategies and techniques you can put to work immediately...

These ideas and strategies will improve your effectiveness in business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and many other endeavors.

PLUS, this system will not only increase sales, but also give you the most effective and productive strategies for operating a business, and much more.

If you were to compile all the information contained in these programs on your own, it would cost you upwards of $500 or more...

But that's still less than the cost of attending a live seminar, and less than the cost of a few classes at your community college.

However, simply going to a seminar or taking classes doesn't ensure you will retain all the information you consume.

On top of that, you'll be stuck spending weeks and months learning things that could only take you hours or days.

And considering the fact that you can easily earn back your investment with just ONE of the tips contained in the Accelerated Learning System, then you could see that the $500 would still be worth it.

But since I'm excited about the launch of this program...

And because I want to transfer this proven, practical system to high-achievers, just like you, all over the world, so you don't make the same mistakes I did...

I'm slashing that price down to $177 for the digital copy, or $199 for the physical + digital copy.

I want to save you hours, weeks, months, and years of your precious lives...

Because, to be honest, I wish someone would have given me this information in my career... which is why I'm offering it to you at this price.

In fact, I'm so convinced this
program will work, I GUARANTEE it...

Which means that if for whatever reason you're not 100% convinced that "Accelerated Learning Techniques" has contributed to your personal growth, helped you learn faster, and retain more information over the next 365 days (that's 1 whole year), then simply tell us!

We will issue a prompt and courteous refund (minus S+H) within that time – no questions asked. Simply return the physical CD's and DVD and keep the digital report for free...

How's that for a guarantee?

I've been a business owner for
over 30 years...

And if I had this system back then, I would've saved myself hundreds of hours of hard work, and years of spinning my wheels trying to figure out everything on my own...

So I'm urging you: don't waste another precious minute of your life learning things the "outdated" way. Don't let life in this knowledge-age pass you by. Don't sell yourself short.

Here's to accelerating your learning success,

Brian Tracy

P.S. – Don't let yourself fall behind in today's information age... gain the competitive edge (and boost your earning potential) with the proven techniques millions of others – including myself – have already used to experience rapid growth and success.

P.P.S. – Remember this is a NO RISK investment. You have up to 365 days – that's 1 YEAR on the physical product – to return the package for a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied for whatever reason.

*Please note that this guarantee is applicable to physical product purchase ONLY. Digital purchases are not refundable