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Discover how working less can catapult you to untold levels of success and fulfillment.

Dear Friend,

I have an extremely important question for you:

Do you love your life? I mean do you really, really LOVE it?

Are you genuinely happy with who you are? Where you are? What you have achieved? And where you're going?

Or, do you feel like you were meant for something more? Do you aspire for bigger, better, bolder? Even if you're not entirely clear what that might mean or what it would actually look like.

More money. More time with your family and friends. More satisfaction and fulfillment. More peace of mind. More creativity. Maybe even the ability to make a real and lasting impact in the world.

Brian Tracy

Is This
Really How
You Pictured It?

Sadly, many of us put off truly living life to the fullest until we forget it's even possible.

We get sidetracked and distracted. We let "life" get in the way. We tell ourselves stories as to why we'll never have the time, energy, motivation or resources to realize our dreams. So, ultimately, we just stop trying altogether.

In fact, if you're like people I speak with every day, you probably have a long list of personal and professional goals that you've kicked to the curb for a someday that never seems to come; a day when you'll have extra time or better finances, or less on your plate, or fewer deadlines at work, or a better ability to focus.

Those goals could be big or small — anything from beginning a new career, making more money, finding a partner, starting a new hobby, losing weight, remodeling your house, or taking that elusive vacation.

The possibilities are endless. And so are the list of excuses, obstacles, and self doubts that stand between you and them.

Does this sound familiar?

It's a
Hard Pill
To Swallow...

Whoever said "time and tide waits for no person" got it right. Especially in today's world, everything seems to move at a breakneck pace.

There never seems to be enough hours to get it all done, does there? That to-do list of errands just grows and grows, and the roadblocks and walls don't ever get any smaller either, do they?

As a result of this daily grind, perhaps you've even forgotten some of the dreams that used to inspire and motivate you to be your best self; those fundamental things you once had full confidence would be yours soon enough, but that have never manifested.

So, What Do You Do?

When faced with this sort of outlook, what are you supposed to do?
Do you give up, lay down & just accept your life as it is?

Or, do you ask for more? Do you trust that inner voice that says "There must be a way. There must be a way to have the life I've always wanted."

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a way

There is a way to not only discover who you really are and what you are really meant to do, but how to be that person and how to actually achieve your goals.

Learn More
Power of Clarity Package

It All Begins
With Clarity.

Can you imagine waking up and meeting your day with complete focus — each step, each thought, each action all aligned and working together toward creating an unbelievably rich and satisfying life?

This is what’s possible when you’re able to think, act, feel, perform and achieve with laser-like attention and razor-sharp concentration in every area of your life; when you’re filled with the courage, conviction, and confidence that allows you to begin making your future now.

With clarity, you will:

  • Learn who you really are at your core and what you really want
  • Identify and achieve even your grandest goals
  • Focus with single-minded attention for consistently better results
  • Eliminate behaviors that are inconsistent with where you want to go
  • Use your personal powers at a higher level than you have ever before

Discover your best self.

The Power of Clarity Program

Includes 6 comprehensive CDs that show you how to utilize the principles of clarity to create your best life.

Learn from
The Best
With Clarity...

  • Gain control of your time and your life...
  • Double your time off with no loss of productivity...
  • Double your income (literally)...
  • Reduce the number of hours you need to work each week...
  • Dramatically improve the quality of your relationships...
  • And much, much more!

The Power of Clarity will give you what you need

Accomplish more in the next couple of years than many people accomplish in a lifetime... starting immediately.

"Millions of people start with nothing and become successful as the result of doing certain things in a certain way, over and over again. Brian Tracy shows you how you can achieve all of your goals, starting from wherever you are today."

— Jack Canfield
co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Each lesson has been designed to help you create a personal plan for your own success. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in this program. Highly customized to you.

You will work with the ideas that resonate most with you to develop a template for success that will make you unstoppable.

Each CD is approximately one hour long (give or take). So, if you can make room for an hour a day, or even an hour a week, you can get massive benefit from this inspiring series.

Benefits like...

More time with your friends and family

Developing loving, intimate and deeply satisfying relationships with those you love.

A career you love

Work doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. It can be your passion.

Financial Freedom

Imagine the weight that would be lifted if you never had to worry about money again.

Fill in the Blank

What do you really want? If you don’t know today, you will after you grab your copy of this series and let it works its magic on you!

Discover your best self.

"Personal Success and Brian Tracy are synonymous.

Nobody I know can teach you more about how to achieve and succeed than Brian.

He makes the case clearly

and then proves it in his own remarkable life.

If he recommends it, do it. He knows what he is talking about."

— Jim Cathcart, author of The Acorn Principle

Take a
closer look

In addition to the core benefits outlined above, here's a small sampling of some of the other priceless benefits you’re going to receive in The Power of Clarity program...

  • How to identify and eliminate hidden time-wasting activities
  • How to achieve your biggest goals in as little as 30 days
  • How to increase your productivity at least 25%
  • How to enjoy more quality time with your family
  • How to improve your health & guarantee a longer life
  • How to discover your special calling
  • How to leave a long-lasting personal legacy

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also learn what it means to truly be present – with a blueprint that allows you to re-discover yourself in amazing new ways.

Focal Point System
Manpower to Mindpower
Grand Slam process
7 Secrets of Leverage

The 7 Rs and 7 Attitudes
Personal Equity
Sigmoid's Curve

3 phases to success
1000% Formula
Personality Destiny

that’s not all.

You’ll Also Receive FIVE Incredible Bonuses Yours FREE when you grab your copy of The Power of Clarity program

"This series of audios and the workbook has transformed my life. For the past 3 years, I have doubled my time off and have doubled my income while improving my relationship with my wife and kids."

— Michael McGee

Discover your best self.

Science of Positive Focus

Special Bonus #1:

The Science of Positive Focus

This riveting 2-hour DVD gives you the master key to reach your goals faster than ever.

  • Eliminate the negative black holes in your life
  • Unlock your inner positive mind & unleash your true potential
  • Use the power of Supreme Focus to get what is important to you
  • Double or triple your income in record time using these techniques
Life Planning Process

Special Bonus #2:

Life Planning Process Workbook

If you long for unbridled success in your life this 49-page workbook is guaranteed to change your life and give you what you want most.

  • How to constantly work on your goals – become action-oriented
  • How to get rid of time-wasters and distractions
  • How to always find the answers you seek
  • A simple way to clarify your goals and values
  • How to plan the action steps needed to succeed in your life
Law of Attraction

Special Bonus #3:

The Law of Attraction in Action

Activate the law of attraction in your life today. In this action packed 72-minute CD, you will learn one of the oldest “Universal Laws” known to man.

  • Find out how to become a giant magnet for prosperity
  • Learn to flood your mind with positive thoughts
  • Welcome abundance into every area of your life
  • Eliminate all doubts and fears, free yourself from the chains of negativity
Double Your Productivity, Double Your Time Off

Special Bonus #4:

Double Your Productivity/Double Your Time Off

Double your productivity while doubling your time off. This enlightening 60-minute CD is the perfect addition to The Power of Clarity package.

  • Get the results you want by designing a goal-based life
  • Turn your weakness into problem-bashing strengths
  • Develop a success-roadmap
  • Define your dreams... ask the right questions to uncover what might be holding you back from achieving them
Motivating Yourself to Peak Performance

Special Bonus #5:

Motivating Yourself to Peak Performance

This action-packed high energy 76-minute CD will keep you positive, confident, motivated, and bursting with energy all day, every day!

  • Give your self-esteem a boost and increase your self-worth
  • Develop a clear vision about where you want to go with your life
  • Get important tasks done faster and more efficiently
  • Develop and radiate your inner power at all times

These 5 bonuses alone are valued at more than $214

They’re ALL yours free when you trust your instincts and sign up for The Power of Clarity today.

Power of Clarity Bundle

"If You Can Only Afford 1 Program then you should purchase this program. I personally feel that if you applied what Mr. Tracy talks about in 'The Power of Clarity' you can easily take 10 years off your success learning curve, which to me is priceless!"

— Scott Martin

Discover your best self.

30-Day Guarantee

100% Guaranteed

I want you to feel great about your decision. Take your time to enjoy your program and put the proven strategies to work for you in your life. If for any you are not completely satisfied with your product, just let us know within 30 days of purchasing the program, and we will issue you a full 100% product refund.

"This program has given me so much information that I have been applying and practicing with excellent results. I listen at home and in the car. I gain more and different info as I replay!"

— Money & Mindset Coach
Binghamton, NY

That's a full 30 days to put us to the test, use the information, put it to work, and make your dreams come true—all the risk is on us!

No weasel clauses or hidden meanings here. If you're not happy then neither are we. My friendly staff will cheerfully return your money and we'll still be friends. That's it.

Plus, I insist you keep all my valuable bonus gifts just for trying my Power of Clarity Program.

How To Get Your Hands On
The Power of Clarity NOW

We’ve prepared two special packages for you for whatever best meets your needs.

Physical Product

6 CD set + bonuses

Order The Power of Clarity and we’ll ship the entire program and the bonus package right to your front door as fast as possible. You’ll also have full access to the digital version of the program.

Physical Package
Digital Product

digital training kit

To make your learning experience as convenient as possible, we’ve created a fully digital option for you. With this package, all your training materials will be accessible via your phone, tablet, or computer. No CDs.

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Make Today YOUR Day

by showing up today, you’ve taken a big first step

Power of Clarity

You’ve told yourself you’re ready to make a change. Now, you need to make the decision to take action.

That action begins by securing your copy of this life-changing program. Order now.

Thanks for reading,

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Brian Tracy

P.S. Ask yourself this: What happens if you do nothing right now? Will you get any clearer on who you really are and what you’re meant for in this life?

Will you get any closer to making your dreams come true? Will you magically make more money, find yourself working less, or miraculously having more time to spend with your friends and family?

Only you know the answers to those questions. But, for whatever reason, you showed up here today. And, now, you’re being offered something that can help you overcome the inertia and make huge strides in any area of your life you want.

Whether you just want to accomplish one specific goal or are looking for a jumpstart across your entire life, The Power of Clarity was designed to make this happen for you. Take the leap. You won’t regret it. Order now.

P.P.S. Remember, you risk absolutely nothing. Because I offer a complete 30 day money-back guarantee, you can take a full month to review the complete program.

Then, if you determine now is not the right time for you to make positive and powerful changes in your life, you can ask for a total refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Where else can you find this kind of guarantee? You’re right: Nowhere. That’s why I highly encourage you to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity right now. It’s my gift to you: Order Now!

Discover your best self.