Dear best-selling author,

Believe it or not, you’re already a successful and accomplished writer.

You may not know it yet, but your name is in big, bold letters on the front of a
best-selling book, sometime in the near future.

Take a moment to picture that. What else do you see when you picture your book?

Is it paperback, or is it hardcover?

Is it fiction or is it based on your life, experience, or expertise?

Now, picture yourself signing your book at events, promoting it on major TV shows,
and calling in to interviews on the radio.

Finally, picture yourself sipping your favorite beverage, sitting on the porch of your
vacation home, enjoying all the new perks that come with publishing a successful

How does it feel to know you’ve helped millions of people all over the world, in one
way or another, with your book?

Amazing, right?

If you’re thinking, “That all sounds neat, but honestly, where do I even begin, and do
I really have what it takes to become a successful published author?”

Here’s the answer: you have what it takes to be anything you want to be.

And becoming a successful author, like anything, is easy to accomplish with the right
mindset—all you need to begin is to first say, “Yes, I can do it!”

Why don’t you do that right now? Feels good, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s dive right into learning how to become an accomplished writer.

There’s no reason for you to fear the blank page.

Maybe you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed every time you sit down to start writing
your book.

Or maybe you started your book some time ago, and you’re worried about what
your friends and family think because you haven’t made any real progress in
months—maybe even years.

But breathe easy, because it’s not your fault.

Did you know…

81% of Americans feel like they have a story they’d like to share with the world—and
of those who start writing their first book, less than 1% ever finish?

While writing an entire book takes time, focus, and motivation, like any goal, it’s best
broken down into smaller and achievable steps.

So, if you feel like everything you’ve written just isn’t good enough…

If you feel writer’s block is consuming your creative efforts, or you don’t have a
clear strategy…

There’s no reason to feel annoyed and deflated.

Because today, you’ll learn the simple system that will help you organize your message into writing, remove all your frustration, and push you to the finish line with a published book in just a few months.

The How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author Program from Brian Tracy
will teach you a repeatable, step-by-step process to book writing, so that you no
longer have to struggle.

Start feeling confident and accomplished.

This system helped Brian Tracy become a best-selling author, with over 80 books
that have been translated into 42 languages, like Eat That Frog!, No Excuses! The Power
of Self-Discipline, and Maximum Achievement.

Inside, you, too, have a unique message or idea just waiting to be shared with millions of people worldwide.

You don’t have to figure out how to share it with the masses on your own…

Because with this program, you’ll never have to question what to do when confronted with the blank page.

The lessons in this program have been distilled down from 20 years of successful
writing into one single course that has the most effective teachings to guide
you through, from start to finish.

By the end of the program, your writing will become automatic and you’ll never have
to face the
common challenges aspiring writers encounter on a daily basis.

So, if you’re ready to:

Stop questioning yourself

Spark your inner inspiration

Develop a winning writing routine that will change your life

Then now’s the time to share your passion and craft a compelling message that will
benefit those who need it the most—without the fear of failure or worrying about
what others think of your ideas.

I’m Ready to Write my Book!

The scariest moment is just before you start.

– Stephen King

Here’s something to think about:

Every successful author out there has been in your exact position before.

In the beginning, they also faced self-doubt, felt their writing talents weren’t up to
par with other great authors, and almost didn’t write altogether—believing their
loved ones or peers would mock them or not take them seriously.

However, they understood one key element to success:

It takes a huge commitment and a big leap into the unknown. Because they
acted boldly (and put their limiting beliefs behind them), they were rewarded
by the unseen forces of the Universe.

In other words, don’t think about what can go wrong.

Believe you can do it and take action towards achieving it, and before you know it,
the tools and resources will naturally come to you.

You’ve already started your journey—you’re here right now—so, what’s stopping you
from taking the next step?

Just know this: by the time people start reading your published book, they’ll see you
in the same light you see your favorite authors today, and they’ll never know that
you once felt like an ordinary person, afraid that you couldn’t do it.

E.B. White, the famous author of the bestselling children’s
book, Charlotte’s Web said:

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die
without putting a word on paper.”

Doing nothing today can only guarantee one thing—you’ll continue to feel frustrated,
disappointed, and unfulfilled.

You’ll continue to wish you had written your book, and the guilt you feel every time you wonder why you gave up will eat away at you forever.

But today, by taking action, you can begin your journey to the top of the bestsellers list.

Start crafting your million-dollar message into a best-selling book, using How to Write
a Book and Become a Published Author.

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