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Brian Tracy

You see, I’ve been studying the most successful people in the world and have found that - in addition to being able to prioritize their days effectively - they have many common traits, which anyone can apply to their own life to achieve success.

My personal success formula is based on actionable strategies inspired by their habits and daily routines. It also includes the secret ingredient missing in most others!

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The Miracle of Self Discipline Package is an easy-to-use home training program that will show you how to take complete control of your time and life in a matter of weeks. It covers everything you need to take immediate action and features my secret ingredient.

This training kit includes 8 CDs and a digital workbook to help turn my lessons into your actions.

I’m also adding 3 bonus CDs:

  • Change Your Thinking Change Your Life
  • Motivating Yourself to Peak Performance
  • Double Your Productivity/Double Your Time Off

My consultants advised me to sell this package for over $500, but I asked them to adjust our production costs so we can make the bundle available for less than $300.

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By following the training in The Miracle of Self Discipline Package, you will:

  • Take complete control of your time and life
  • Overcome procrastination five different ways
  • Quickly improve your self-esteem and self-image
  • Release your "mental brakes" and unlock your true potential

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