Brian Tracy

The Power of Habit:
Successful Habits in 7-Steps

Learn How to Create Positive Habits
with Success Expert, Brian Tracy

  • How to think more effectively, make better decisions, and take purposeful actions
  • The specific habits shared by the most successful people on the planet
  • How to accomplish 10-20 times as much as the average person
  • 7 steps to take to establish a new habit

Bonus: 7 action exercises to get you started!

The Power of Habit
Brian Tracy

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The Power of Habit

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The Power of Habit Will Change Your Life

Once you download The Power of Habit PDF and start reading, you’ll discover how the right habits will help you be at maximum performance in everything you do.

Inside, you’ll find the seven critical steps you need to develop a new, positive habit along with the nine key habits to master that are shared with those who have risen to success through leadership, extraordinary profit, positive press, and impressive awards.

And as soon as you finish soaking in the content, I leave you with action exercises so you have a game plan of how to get started on improving your life right away.

How The Power of Habit Works

Everything that you are today, and everything that you will ever accomplish, is determined by the quality of the habits that you form.

I have personally studied the subject of success for more than 30 years and I have identified that your habits determine how much you earn, how effective you are, how much you are respected, and how much satisfaction you get out of life.

If you want to be successful, then you have to
develop successful, positive, and powerful habits, such as being
goal-oriented, practicing self-discipline, and staying organized.

Many of the habits you have now were most likely conditioned and developed since childhood and it may seem nearly impossible to change them now with how automatic they are. But the good news is, according to experts, it takes about 14-21 days to form a habit pattern of medium complexity, such as waking up early or planning in advance.

Changing and developing these types of small habits will change your life in a big way. Imagine how much more you can accomplish if you manage to wake up earlier in the day. Picture how that will cause a ripple effect in the opportunities that you get and ultimately the type of person you are.


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