Eat That Frog:
A Goal Setting Challenge

Achieve your BIG goals PLUS enter to win over $10,000
in prizes in 10 days! (November 6th - November 15th)

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    Fast Track Your Success

    These challenges are based off Brian Tracy’s
    best-selling book, Eat That Frog, and if you
    follow through with each daily goal, you’ll get
    a chance to win a curated daily prize that will
    help you close the gap between where you
    are now and living your ideal life.

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    Tune in to each day’s challenge at 9:00 AM PST
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    sharing how you intend to complete each
    challenge, in the comments box. The more
    you engage, the higher your chances of
    winning a daily curated prize plus a grand
    prize worth $10,000.

    Grand Prize Winner Announcement

    By the end of the challenge on day 10, you’ll be
    armed with the necessary skills and strategies to
    overcome any and all obstacles that are getting in
    the way of achieving your goals, PLUS you’ll find
    out if you won the grand prize worth $10,000.

    *The grand prize is something extraordinary that Brian Tracy
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    high-paying clients, CEO’s, and corporate leaders worldwide!

    Complete Your 2018 Goals and Get a Head Start for 2019!

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