Brian Tracy

Hello, my name is Brian Tracy.

In case you don’t know who I am, please allow me to introduce myself.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve consulted for more than 1,000 companies, presented to more than 5,000,000 people (at 5,000+ speaking engagements around the world), and conducted thousands of seminars throughout the US, Canada, and more than 80 other countries.

I’ve also written a lot of books; more than 80, as a matter of fact — and each one has been translated into dozens of languages.

And most recently, I’ve been using the internet to reach more people; last time I checked, there are 2,700,000 people who follow me on social media.

So, that’s just a little about me; and, a quick summary of what I’ve done and what I continue to do each day.

I wanted to lead with this information, for one simple reason: I want you to know for sure everything on this page comes from proven, tested-over-time experience.

That being said, let me now continue to the main reason behind why I’m writing this to you today.


Maximum Productivity

When You Enroll, You’ll Gain The Skills To:
  • Identify your life goals and map out your path to success
  • Implement proven systems for staying productive
  • Eliminate procrastination from your life forever
MSRP: $697

On Sale: $297

Maximum Productivity

I’d like to invite you to...

Instantly Access More Than 30 Years of My
Personal Experience Helping Millions of People

Not many other people in history can make such a bold claim.

The reason why I’m confident in making the above promise to you is I’ve been doing what I do, for a very, very long time.

I’ve been able to access a world of knowledge few people see or experience. Over the past 30 years, I’ve shared this knowledge through the 300 audio and video training programs I’ve created.

People have used my training programs to start and manage businesses, understand and achieve success, and the exact topic that I’ll be helping you with right now: how to reach any goal you desire by becoming a powerhouse of productivity.

Before I continue, let me make something clear about these previously-created training programs.

An Opportunity To Access What I’m
Offering You Today Doesn’t Happen Often!

It’s been a long time since I’ve released a new training program.

The reason why it’s been so long is because whenever I create a new product, my goal is to make sure it’s as timeless as possible.

This is why my training programs continue to be in high demand, even though they were created 2, 5, and even 10 years ago!

There is, however, an exception to this rule.

Every so often, the demand for a new, updated training is too high to ignore and new examples are necessary.

For instance, if I had used an analogy about fixing a cassette tape with a number 2 pencil, I’d confuse a lot of people.

In today’s busy and always-connected world, our productivity is challenged more and more with each passing day.

This is why, for the first time in years, I’m taking 30+ years of personal experience with productivity and updating it with brand new examples, unique training features (never before seen in my previous products ...more on that in a moment), and the ultimate, all-in-one solution for becoming more productive.

Based on what I’ve said so far, let me ask you a question.

What’s this actually mean for you and your future?

This Is The Simplest & Easiest Way
To Get All My Productivity Techniques!

I’ve compiled all of my productivity techniques into one, easy-to-access ONLINE learning platform.

You’ll be able to access these new training materials on productivity from any device, at any time. You can also go through the training as fast, or as slow, as you’d like.

Because this is a brand new training, I’ve gone ahead and updated the user experience for you.

There are a lot of technological changes that have happened since I last released a course, so I made sure that you can easily access everything you need to know in one place (i.e., you’ll avoid having dozens of tabs open on your browser).

Before I go into more detail, let me give you a quick preview of what you’ll learn after using this new productivity training program:

  • How to use a proven, systematic process for creating — and accomplishing — your daily, weekly, and even lifetime goals
  • How to set up a system for staying productive, so you can go from wherever you are in life, to wherever you want to go
  • How to “eliminate” procrastination from your life forever — using a practical and proven-to-work “momentum-gaining” technique that breaks down even the hardest tasks to easily manageable, simple steps
  • (And, so much more...)

In addition to the above, I’m also adding a few new training techniques never before seen in any of my programs.

This new training technique makes sure you don’t just learn the material — it will actually motivate you to apply the lessons I teach, so you can begin seeing results in the quickest way possible.

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce...

My Latest Training Program: Maximum Productivity!

Maximum Productivity

I’d like to now walk you through this program, so you know how it works and what you get.

Maximum Productivity is an online training program that turns you into a powerhouse of productivity. As soon as you access this program, you’ll have everything I know about productivity in one convenient place.

If you’d like to adopt the same productivity techniques that’ve worked for me, and countless others around the world, then pay close attention as I walk you through what I’ll be teaching you in each lesson.

Let’s begin with Lesson 1.

Lesson 1: Priming Your Mind for Success

A quick side note about this first lesson: Just because this is the first lesson, doesn’t mean it will all be introductory material.

In fact, the opposite is true.

With this first lesson, I’m going to dive right in and show you how to set the foundation for the road ahead.

I’ll be showing you the necessary steps to take first, so you have little to no difficulties going through the upcoming lessons.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #1

Here are some of the things I’ll be sharing with you in Lesson 1: Priming Your Mind for Success:

  • The one thing to do before bed that only 3% of people do that lowers your chances of procrastinating in the morning
  • 7 steps to increasing your productivity, based on real-world success stories from my students (who’ve dramatically increased their income after using these steps)
  • 10 simple ways to inspire and motivate yourself to achieve anything you want, even when you feel like giving up (I still refer to these, even after 30 years of using them)

To recap, in Lesson 1: Priming Your Mind for Success, you’ll be getting yourself ready for the upcoming lessons. The next step will be to plan for the future. This is why I’ll be showing you how to make sure you plan the right way.

Brian Tracy

Lesson 2: The Power of Planning

You’ll never get what you want, without knowing what it takes to get it.

This why planning is essential, for anything you do.

You can’t rely on luck; if you want to achieve your goals, you need a plan.

In Lesson 2: The Power of Planning, I’ll show you how to create a plan that works, so you can be crystal-clear about what you need to do — before you do it.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #1

Here’s a preview of what I’ll cover in Lesson 2: The Power of Planning:

  • The only types of lists you need — and how to effectively use each type (note: there are only 4 types)
  • The best way to prioritize your tasks on your list, even if you have 25 or more tasks to complete (I’ll show you an easy method to picking and choosing what tasks to do first, second, and so on...)
  • How to measure your competence in any task — and what to do when you’re not making the best use of the time you’re given
  • A $2.97 solution for increasing your productivity and output 25% or more a day (I’ve seen people add 14 or more extra hours per week using this)
  • A way to “trick” your brain into “reward mode”, so you can stay motivated as you go about your day (I use this to keep my momentum and stay energized all day long ... this also works surprisingly well when dealing with jet lag or long working days.)
  • How to avoid the time-sucking danger of working on “low level” tasks
  • How to maximize the level of satisfaction felt when getting things done — which is actually NOT dependent on how good of a job you do, but rather on how you’ve spent your energy (I’ll show you how to invest your energy in a way that energizes and inspires while getting things done)
  • The truth about time management — which goes beyond how you manage your time, this lesson is more about how you manage your life. (Your time is an asset, and without managing it the right way, other parts of your life will suffer. Be it your health, relationships, or any other aspect of your life. This is why I’ll be showing you not just how to manage your time, but also how to make the necessary steps to make sure you live a longer, healthier, and happier life.)
  • The parallel between “optimism” and “optimization” that makes productive people happy — even when they are having a bad day

To recap, Lesson 2: The Power of Planning is all about creating and using a plan for your life that really works. Once you have this plan, I’ll then help you with avoiding a mistake people make while working on their plan.

This mistake is: not thinking about the long term.

You must think about the long road ahead, so you’re prepared in advance to handle upcoming challenges. This is why in this next lesson, I’ll be showing you how to create long-term clarity for anything you do.

Ready to master your time & achieve your goals?

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Brian Tracy

Lesson 3: The Importance of Long-Term Clarity

Unproductive people take things day by day.

Highly-productive people have clarity on their daily, weekly, and even lifetime goals.

The way you think about the long term affects your ability to get things done.

Brian Tracy Maximum Productivity
Maximum Productivity Lesson #1

This is why in Lesson 3: The Importance of Long-Term Clarity, I’ll be showing you...

  • The Harvard University study that, after more than 50 years of research, found what the single, most-important predictor of upward social and economic mobility in America is (and how you can apply the takeaways from this study to your life, every day)
  • How long-term thinking improves short-term decision-making (if you’ve ever been in a situation where you told yourself, “I wish I didn’t agree to this”, then you’ll especially find this lesson useful)
  • The best way to procrastinate (fact: you WILL procrastinate, no matter how hard you try not to, but after I show you this trick, you’ll make effective use of time spent procrastinating)
  • The one word you need to be comfortable with saying, even when you don’t feel like it (the ability to confidently use this simple, short word is what separates the high-achievers from everyone else)
  • 7 wealth-building behaviors millionaires, multimillionaires, and several billionaires use to make money, and keep it

Long-term clarity will help you act on your goals; simply thinking about what you want isn’t enough. After you’ve created a plan that you have long-term clarity about, you must take action.

But not just any type of action, your level of productivity depends on whether or not you’re taking results-driven action.

Brian Tracy

Lesson 4: Taking Action for Results

Thanks to what you’ve learned in previous lessons, you’ll now be ready to take the necessary actions that lead toward results.

I call these results-driven actions, because it’s not just about “taking action” — it’s about taking the right actions to maximize your productivity, so you can get more done in less time.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #1

In Lesson 4: Taking Action for Results, I’ll show you:

  • How to use my ABCDE method for task prioritization, so you can do what’s most impactful for getting things done (and avoid the things that waste your time)
  • What “key result areas” are and why they should be your #1 focus for taking results-driven action
  • How to identify the best areas to focus on for sales and management (they are different) — and how to excel at each one

Once you’ve identified how to take results-driven action, you’ll then want to determine what your best-contributing factors are. The reason why is because, when it comes to achieving a high level of success, you need to know what you can do better than anyone else.

I’ll show you how to do this in this next lesson.

Brian Tracy

Lesson 5: Determining Your Core Contributions

Maximum Productivity Lesson #1

Through a series of exercises and video lessons, I’ll show you:

  • How to determine your 3 most-important contributions — and how to do them effectively, without sacrificing time spent with your family
  • A simple technique for figuring out your highest-value contribution, so you can negotiate higher pay, spend time on the “biggest bang for your buck”, and not feel confused about your role in any organization
  • Why “time management” isn’t just about getting things done (hint: these lessons will reveal fascinating insights about not just how you manage your time, but also how you manage your life.)
  • 5 proven things you can do every morning to maintain positive thoughts, boost self-esteem and stay focused on accomplishing tasks

Each lesson thus far moves you one step closer to living a healthy, happy, and productive life. In the next lesson, we’ll discuss how to set the foundation for your journey.

Brian Tracy

Lesson 6: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

I know how exciting it is to want to hit the ground running.

And while it does feel great to act swiftly, you’ll actually save time by doing one thing first before you start any new task.

This one thing is to prepare. This lesson is called Prepare, Prepare, Prepare because while preparation is important, it’s commonly overlooked.

In this lesson, I’ll be covering the best techniques I’ve learned for effectively preparing for any new task.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #1

Here’s a preview of what I’ll be showing you:

  • How to prime and prepare yourself to tackle any task, even if you’re known to rarely finish what you start
  • My best tips for organizing your workspace for ideal productivity, so you can avoid distraction, increase your focus, and maximize time spent during work
  • 5 ways to maintain a positive mindset throughout the day, even when your self-esteem drops and you feel like all odds are against you
  • Why you should avoid perfection — and what to do instead that gets better, long-term results than anything you do that’s “perfect”
  • An easy way to keep yourself accountable and get other people to make sure achieve your goals (fact: if you try to do things on your own, you’ll struggle...)

Let’s move on to what you’ll learn in Lesson 7…

Ready to master your time & achieve your goals?

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Brian Tracy

Lesson 7: Finding Your Keys to Success

By now, you shouldn’t be shocked to find out that upgrading your key skills is one of the most personal productivity principles of all.

This lesson focuses on continually improving in your key areas, as well as identifying your key weaknesses so you can quickly overcome them.

Remember: no matter how good you are today, your knowledge and skills are becoming obsolete at a rapid rate.

So, the goal is to keep you in constant cycle of growing and perfecting your skills, and sharpening your mental focus.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #7

Here’s a sneak peek at Lesson 7, where you’ll learn:

  • The MAJOR reasons for procrastination - and how to dissolve these from your mind quickly. I’ll empower you to jump over “defeat” much faster, so feeling discouraged literally becomes a thing of the past
  • One of the most powerful time management techniques of all. (HINT: It’s not all about rushing to action every time, and it’s NOT about going on “sprints” to get every single task done in one sitting!)
  • The MINIMUM require for success in ANY field. This is a “rule” that all top performers live by, and for a good reason. Follow this one simple rule and you’ll see an instant shift in your mindset, and your results...
  • My favorite exercises for increasing mental fortitude. Being able to dial in your mental focus is one of the most valuable skills you can possess… I’ll show you how to “turn on” intense mental focus, allowing you to overcome any obstacle you confront

Lesson 7 will be a huge milestone on your path. However, there’s one BIG thing you must realize first in order to get there.

I cover that in the next lesson.

Brian Tracy

Lesson 8: You Are Responsible

If we don’t take charge of our lives and put the pressure on ourselves, we end up constantly waiting for someone to come along and motivate us.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what most people do. And sometimes, they end up waiting forever.

In this section, I’ll show you how to elevate yourself to the 2% of people who can work entirely without supervision, and perform at their best virtually every single time.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #8

More specifically, I’ll be showing you…

  • The ONE habit you must form if you want to reach your full potential. (HINT: It’s time to STOP waiting for someone else to come along to do your motivating for you)
  • How to perform at your best, all the time, without relying on someone else. (PLUS, the simple routine you must develop to consistently play at the top of your game)
  • The importance of AGILITY. We don’t live in a perfect world... so I’ll show you exactly what to do when plans don’t unfold exactly as you predict, so you’ll never get caught “off-guard” again

It’s important to remember that, to keep yourself motivated, you must resolve to become a complete optimist.

The sad part is, many people get on the right path, but don’t stay on it because they fall into negative habits and influences.

The next lesson covers how to leverage TECHNOLOGY to get on the right path, and stay there.

Brian Tracy

Lesson 9: Using Technology to Your Advantage

Technology becomes the enemy when we give into an obsessive need to communicate continually.

The compulsion to stay plugged in leaves us all “psychologically breathless.”

Here’s a fact for you: The average adult is now checking their smartphones about 46 times each day according to one study - and about 85 times a day according to another study.

It’s time for a change.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #9

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover in this lesson:

  • The one KEY concept to embrace when it comes to technology. (Understanding this simple key will help you stay more calm, clear-headed, and capable of performing at your best)
  • How to get more high-value tasks done quickly, and stop doing lower value ones. (Plus, the simple questions to ask yourself to ensure you stay focused on the right track)
  • How to take control of your communication, time, and emotions. I’ll show you how to stop being enslaved to social media, smartphones, and general time-wasters
  • 5 tried-and-true technological solutions I recommend to better manage your tasks and projects

Technology can be a wonderful servant when used properly - but it should never be your “master.”

If you waste too much time on smartphones, tablets, or computers, that’s time you’ll never get back.

That brings me to my next lesson...

Brian Tracy

Lesson 10: Making Every Minute Count

There’s no question that time is valuable. It’s something you can never get back after you spend it.

That’s why it’s important to make every minute count, and not squander your precious time on low-value tasks.

The truth is, most of the really important work you do requires large chunks of unbroken time to complete.

Your ability to carve out and use these blocks of high-value, highly productive time is central to your ability to make a significant contribution to your work and to your life.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #10

And in this lesson, I’m going to show you…

  • The “salami slice” method of getting work done. (With this method, you’ll find it psychologically easier to do a single, small piece of a large project than to start the whole job
  • How to “swiss cheese” your tasks. The power of this method is that, once you start working, you develop a sense of forward momentum and tremendous feeling of accomplishment…
  • How to make every minute count no matter where you are, even during travel (or even on an airplane!)
  • The “compulsion to closure.” What it is, how it works, and WHY it is a key motivator in task completion, based on science

At this point, you’ll be well on your way to mastery.

One of the final steps is...

Ready to master your time & achieve your goals?

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Brian Tracy

Lesson 11: Building High-Performance Habits

Perhaps the most outwardly identifiable quality of high-performing people is action orientation.

They are in a hurry to get their key tasks completed.

Highly productive people take the time to think, plan, and set priorities.

They then launch quickly and strongly toward their goals and objectives.

I’m going to show you the habits you need to become just like them, so you can work more steadily, more smoothly, and more continuously.

Maximum Productivity Lesson #11

Here are some of the things I’ll be sharing with you in this lesson:

  • How to “get into the flow.” This is an amazing state almost everyone has experienced before. The trick is, knowing how to get yourself into this state far more often than the average person…
  • The secret “trigger” for high performance. With this trigger, you’ll enter “the zone” much more often, so you can steadily move forward
  • The simplest, most powerful way to get yourself started. (I’ll even reveal my drop-dead simple “phrase” to repeat to yourself to snap into the right state of mind at any time)

Listen. Nothing will help you more in your career than for you to get the reputation for being the kind of person who gets important work done quickly and well.

This reputation will make you one of the most valuable and respected people in your field.

To do that, you need to incorporate the final - and most powerful - lesson of all.

Brian Tracy

Lesson 12: Putting It All Together

Maximum Productivity Lesson #12

In this lesson, you’ll see:

  • What the real KEY is to happiness, satisfaction, great success, and a wonderful feeling of personal power and effectiveness
  • Why - and how - all learnable skills can be “hard-wired” into you, through the use of one simple concept
  • The ONE decision you must make to ingrain all Maximum Productivity lessons into your mind so they become second-nature to you

Each of these lessons will be readily available on a private website, locked with a username and password unique to you. You’ll be able to watch the lessons via video or listen to them via audio.

Whatever your preferred method of learning is, we’re covering both.

In addition to the training lessons, I’m adding several unique features to the Maximum Productivity course that make it more than just “passive” training. These new features will actively engage you, require you to take action, so you can start seeing the results from this training for the rest of your life!

Let me now tell you about these features, and explain...

Why Maximum Productivity Is The Last
Productivity-Focused Training You’ll Ever Need!

Power Of Productivity

You’ll soon have infinite access to all of the lessons, which is great because you’ll want to watch each one more than once to truly grasp the concepts.

But watching (or listening) to the lessons won’t be enough.

You’ll also need to know results-driven actions to take while you absorb the material.

This is why I’m adding several new additions to the Maximum Productivity program.

These new additions will show you:

How To Increase Your Productivity...
Even When You’re Still Going Through The Training!

Maximum Productivity

Maximum Productivity includes several additions to the training modules to help you reach your goals.

One of these new additions is including downloadable worksheets within every lesson.

These downloadable worksheets will help you with taking results-driven action on what you learn, so you can start to improve your productivity — even before you complete the training.

Here are the worksheets you’ll have access to within Maximum Productivity:

  • Life Goals Worksheet — How to plan your 10 biggest life goals in advance, so you have long-term clarity for the road ahead
  • Master, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Lists Worksheets — The only 4 list templates you’ll ever need in life for setting and completing goals
  • High-Value Activities & Low-Value Activities Worksheets — 2 worksheets that help you identify your most- and least-important tasks
  • ABCDE Method Worksheet — How to finally figure out what to do first, second, third, and so on
  • Grading Your Key Result Areas Worksheet — How to know where you’re making the biggest difference, so you can know what to do to get the best possible results
  • 30-Second Test Worksheet — A simple, 30-second technique that helps you “gut check” what is most important to you
  • Plan Your First Steps Worksheet — Use this to map out starting points for your goals, and the sequential steps you must take to reach each one
  • Leverage Your Learning Resources Worksheet — Get started on your path to lifelong learning with this worksheet to jump-start your resource discovery
  • Power Up Your Schedule — Learn my tried-and-true technique for boosting your productivity through the use of “power blocks.” This worksheet will help show you where and when to use them
  • Setting SMART Goals — Use the qualifying elements of the SMART system to reassess and refocus on your goals in an actionable way

In addition to the worksheets above, I’m going to help you engage with the material by giving you a quote to share with your peers and a quiz to help you test your understanding of the training.

And for the highest-achievers who use this new training — and complete the final, graded Maximum Productivity Certification Quiz, we’ll be offering a course completion certificate — with your name on it!

We’ll also be sending you a virtual completion badge. You’ll be able to use this badge on your social media profiles, so you can identify yourself as a highly-productive person — or, you can simply use this certification badge as a sign of personal achievement.

Ready to master your time & achieve your goals?

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If all Maximum Productivity included was these 12 lessons, you’d already have an extreme advantage over others when it comes to being productive.

These lessons encompass over 30 years worth of experience and value, and if I were to hold a seminar about these 12 topics, it would be a full-day event and the event ticket price would be at least $5,000.

Before I continue, I want to point out these two additional features we’ll be adding to Maximum Productivity:

1 Click Support

1-Click Support — If at any time you need help, you’ll be able to simply click the “Support” button and we’ll have a customer service representative attend to your needs within 48 hours.

The value of this personalized support about anything you want is worth at least $100/mo, or $1,200 a year. But charging per month is not what we’re doing with Maximum Productivity. We’ll be offering Maximum Productivity for a one-time price.

Here’s another feature we’ve just added:

Maximum Productivity Mastermind Facebook Group — When you become a Maximum Productivity member, you’ll be able to engage with fellow Maximum Productivity colleagues and share your questions and successes within this private group! (Plus, I’ll be popping in from time-to-time to do live Q&A sessions on all your productivity and time management questions, so make sure to mark this group as one of your “Favorites” once you join!)

So what’s the value of a Facebook group? It’s hard to say.

But given that it’s not uncommon to see Facebook Mastermind groups range from $97 to $197 a month, I’d say our Maximum Productivity Facebook Community has a value of at least $500/year.

Let me add up the total value of
what you get with Maximum Productivity:

  • 12 Maximum Productivity Lessons — Each lesson includes several videos and audio training mini-lessons, actionable worksheets, and a test-your-knowledge quiz at the end. There is over 30 years worth of experience and value within these 12 lessons. (Value: $5,000)
  • 1-Click Support — If at any time you need help, you’ll be able to simply click a button and we’ll have a customer service representative attend to your needs within 48 hours. (Value: $1,200)
  • Maximum Productivity Facebook Group — When you become a Maximum Productivity member, you’ll be able to engage with your fellow Maximum Productivity colleagues and share your questions and successes. (Value: $500)
  • So far, this adds up to a total value of $6,700.

$6,700 is, however, not the price you’ll pay today.

In fact, you won’t even have to pay $5,700 or even $1,700...
The final price we choose for Maximum Productivity is just $697!

But,for a limited time only, we’re offering a special $300 discount for this course...

This means the price today for Maximum Productivity, instead of being $697 (the regular price), is...

Just $297!

This limited discount that saves you $300 will only be available for a short time...

Maximum Productivity
  • So, if you want to:
  • Get access to the 12 lessons, videos and worksheets Maximum Productivity immediately...
  • Join a Mastermind group of motivated individuals to encourage you and keep you accountable to your goals
  • Shortcut your way to success buy paying $697 for a course that I would normally charge over $5,000 for

...then simply click the button below to get started!


Maximum Productivity

When You Enroll, You’ll Gain The Skills To:
  • Identify your life goals and map out your path to success
  • Implement proven systems for staying productive
  • Eliminate procrastination from your life forever
MSRP: $697

On Sale: $297

Maximum Productivity

I’m confident you’ll see results from my program.
This is why I’m offering a:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As long as you use what I’m sharing within Maximum Productivity, you’ll become a powerhouse of productivity.

I know this because I’ve seen how the same techniques I’ll be teaching you have worked for a countless number of people who’ve I’ve helped over the past 30 years.

However, since seeing is believing, I’m giving you 30 days from your date of purchase to decide if Maximum Productivity is worth your investment.

This reassurance on your payment today is yet just another reason why you should proceed to the checkout page and...

I’m looking forward to seeing you get the results you want, simply
by adopting the best practices I’ve learned and taught for over 30 years.

Maximum Productivity Your Friend,
Brian Tracy

Ready to master your time & achieve your goals?

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