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Congratulations! You’re taking a big step toward dramatically improving your selling success. Finding the best prospects, and then spending more time with them, will dramatically improve your sales success.

If you want to take your prospecting success even further, then this is for you.

Find the people you were meant to serve, who pay well and come back again and again.

Discover how spending more time with better prospects is the best way to improve sales success.

If you want to take your prospecting success even further, then this is for you.

It’s easier than you think. And I’ll show you why!

Dear Friend,

Are you clear about who you serve and why?

Do you know who your ideal customer *really* is? What you need to do to engage them? And, how to prioritize so you’re tapping into your most lucrative prospects first?

In other words, are you maximizing your time, effort, and profit potential?

Truth is, despite how hard it sometimes feels, finding the perfect customer – and lots of them – can be easier than you ever imagined.

Prospecting Got You Down? You Are Not Alone

If you’re struggling to figure out who your prospects are, how to explain your value, and what it takes to convert prospects into well-paying clients, you are not alone.

Many salespeople today, even those at the top, unnecessarily waste time (and money) pursuing the wrong prospects.

Why? Because they do NOT have a solid Prospecting Plan. Without a proven, repeatable, and systematic method for prospecting, it’s like you’re reinventing the wheel with every client.

Let's change that, shall we?

Brian Tracy

It’s Not
Rocket Science.
You Just Need
To Learn How.

Over the past 30+ years, I've taught thousands of salespeople, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and service providers how to identify, engage, and profit from the people they serve.

When you learn how to clarify who you serve (i.e., your ideal customer) and how to connect with them, everything will change:

  • …from how easy the prospecting process becomes,
  • …to the way you feel about yourself and your business,
  • …and to the amount of income you can generate.

And, that’s exactly why I created my Prospect Action Plan Kit.

“Brian’s prospecting plan changes EVERYTHING!”

I designed my Prospect Action Plan Kit to teach you how to find, engage, convert, and profit from your ideal prospects.

With my downloadable quick start program, you will learn:

My Prospect Action Plan Kit will help you take a big first step toward better customers and greater wealth… all without compromise, confusion or mistakes.

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“Brian’s prospecting plan changes EVERYTHING!”

The Prospect Action Plan Kit comes with two core modules – a Prospecting Action Plan Guide and series of worksheets. I developed both to give you a step-by-step way to create your own personalized Prospecting Plan.


Prospecting Action Plan Guide leads you through 13 essential prospecting steps to ensure you’re spending more time with better prospects.

  • A detailed outline gives you the step-by-step process some of the best salespeople use.
  • Activity callouts show you when to use each of the three worksheets.

3-Part Prospecting Worksheet Series (PDF) helps you hone in on your ideal customer, as well as how to message and convert them.

  • Your Ideal Customer Worksheet: It's easy to waste time (and money) pursuing the wrong prospects, and especially pursuing every prospect. This helps salespeople focus on the right ones by defining their ideal customer with several key demographics/psychographics.
  • Your Competitive Advantages Worksheet: Finding your ideal prospect is the first step. Crafting your message for them specifically is second. This worksheet helps salespeople define the "why" these customers should buy from them.
  • Prioritizing Prospects Worksheet: Pursue your most profitable prospects first! This worksheet helps salespeople plan which prospects they should go after first (and which ones to not do). Begin by writing down several prospects that fit your Ideal Customer Worksheet answers.
“These Are The Exact Techniques I Use In My Own Business.”

When you don’t know who your ideal prospect is or how to effectively engage them, you may work really hard – marketing, selling, pitching, promoting, posting, and on and on – but what’s the result?

When you know the right way to do it, you can authentically (and effortlessly) grow your business into what you really want with the kind of customers who are passionate about working with. Can you imagine how amazing that will feel?

The Top 5 Reasons You Need To Get This Kit Today

Saves you time, effort, and money.

It only takes a few short minutes to develop a high-quality prospecting plan. But, for some reason, most salespeople never do it. When you grab your copy of my Prospect Action Plan Kit, you’ll give yourself a HUGE competitive advantage over your colleagues.


Gives you a repeatable “rinse and repeat” process.

With what you’ll learn in the Kit, you’ll have a repeatable, reusable, and reliable way to prospect, over and over again – without having to feel like you’re reinventing the wheel with every new prospect.


Increases your profit potential.

When you discover how to find, target, and convert your best prospects, your earning potential will naturally increase. No more wasting time on cold leads that get you nowhere.


Removes the stress from prospecting.

I’ll equip you with tips and tactics for creating a stress-free prospecting environment. Everything changes when you learn how to put yourself and your potential customer at ease.


Works no matter what industry you’re in.

The techniques you’ll discover in the Prospect Action Plan Kit are proven to be effective across the board – no matter your field or your experience.

Are you starting to see why you need to order your copy of this fantastic interactive program right now?

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This 3-Part Sales Booster Video Series gives you the extra support you need with short, yet valuable videos to put your new Prospecting Plan into action, including hands-on exercises.

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Prospect Action Plan Kit right now.

This is prospecting made way too easy!
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Brian Tracy Brian Tracy

Bestselling Author, Professional Speaker, and Success Coach

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Working longer and harder is NOT the answer. The Prospect Action Plan Kit will show you the right way to succeed!