Wealth Building Made Simple

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

by Erasing Debt and Building Long-Term Wealth

A Proven System For Erasing Debt and Taking Complete Control Of Your Finances To Build Long-term Wealth

  • Do you feel like you’re treading water in the ocean of life, giving your all but getting nowhere financially, making just enough to stay afloat…barely?
  • Do you lie awake at night with the thought that one setback—a layoff, an illness, a family crisis—could send everything crashing down?
  • You were always told that if you went to college, worked hard, and got a respectable job with benefits, that you would live a comfortable life and retire when you were ready. As the years go by, though, you’re still just scraping by, the future more uncertain than ever.

Perhaps you’re drifting from one job to the next, racking up debt, praying that the next job is more permanent.

Or maybe you’ve been slaving away for years at a job you tolerate at best and still haven’t gotten that promotion, and worse, are unfulfilled personally and professionally. To add insult to injury, you see old classmates earning three/four/five times as much, driving fancy cars and living in luxurious neighborhoods.

Here’s the good news: today we are living in the most prosperous time in all of human history.

Money is everywhere--you just have to know where to find it.

Introducing the Wealth Building Made Simple system

Learn to achieve the prosperity, prestige, and financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of!

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This set includes 3 of my MOST powerful programs for building your wealth smarter, easier, and FASTER than you can ever imagine:

  1. Wealth Building Made Simple

    These 15 digital MP3's cover everything you will need to multiply your investment income, from real estate to the stock market.
  2. Strategic Achievement

    A 2-hour Digital DVD, loaded with sales, marketing, and leadership tactics to fast-track your success.
  3. The Way to Wealth Digital PDF Workbook

    My 250 page writable PDF workbook. Fill it out on your computer conveniently, or print it out to write in and take notes. Use it as your success blueprint!

Learn how to harness all the
money-making opportunities out there!

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In this program, you will learn how to tap into your inner resources to re-imagine yourself as a confident, determined, and productive individual capable of achieving any financial goal you set for yourself.

You’ll be excited to discover that the secrets to abundance are within you. By replacing destructive beliefs with constructive ones, you’ll bring into your life the luxuries, inner satisfaction, and pride that accompany great success. Now, I know what you’re thinking...

“Brian, the law of attraction and powers of positive thinking are great and all, but I still don’t have a clue about how to get started when it comes to making money.”

My program emphasizes doing… For every new concept I teach, I have a series of action steps you can take today to get started on your journey to financial freedom.

I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get started, the most efficient paths to maximizing your profits, and how to avoid the costly mistakes that myself and countless others have made on the way up.

You'll access countless learning resources for:

  • The Stock Market
  • Real Estate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investment Strategies

“But Brian, how can I ever hope to succeed in the stock market, real estate, or starting my own business? I don’t even know how to balance a checkbook!”

I’ll give you detailed guidelines on everything from getting a loan for your first business, to choosing a stock that’s right for you, to remodeling a house you’re selling to ensure maximum profits.

Even if in the end you decide that starting your own company or investing in real estate is not for you (no sweat, for many people it’s not), you’ll learn other avenues for wealth-building that have helped numerous individuals make millions while working for a company.

In fact, by applying my investment strategies alone, you can retire a millionaire even if your annual salary never exceeds $50,000!

"Brian, many “experts” claim they can help me get rich.Why should I listen to you?"

With the advent of the internet, just about anyone can say they’re an expert. But until you’ve actually DONE the things you claim to be an expert in, you’re just spouting out theories that might or might not work.

As someone who was once Chief Operating Officer of a $265 million development company and who has bought, leased, and developed $100 million worth of real estate, I have a wealth of firsthand experience to draw upon. I’ll share with you my secrets to success as well as my costly missteps so that hopefully you can avoid them.

Plus, I get where you’re coming from. I, too, started with nothing. I grew up in poverty on hand-me-downs and mac n’ cheese. A high-school drop-out, I drifted from one odd job to the next, at one point living out of my car. When I hit 30, I was discouraged at how little progress I’d made. I was on a dead-end road financially.

That’s when I decided to get serious about money.

I created a plan for generating wealth that has since made me millions.

Now, I want to share that plan with you.

Just like me, you too can transform your life,
achieving the prosperity you’ve always desired.

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Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll discover in the program:



The Starting Point of Riches

  • How someone making only $25,000 a year can still retire with $1 million in savings
  • Five categories of self-made millionaires (surprisingly, famous actors/singers/athletes make up less than 1%)
  • The key to wealth building (Dominoes, designers, and dentists all share this trait)


Becoming a Money Magnet

  • How to attract money into your life…instead of searching for money, it comes to you!
  • The real reason why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
  • How to cultivate your mental garden and adopt the mindsets of the rich

Expand 12 more



The Power of Visualization

  • How to undo destructive mental thinking and reprogram your mind for success
  • Why these two words are holding you back—and what you can say instead
  • A positive-mental-attitude diet—follow this and watch your income soar!


Invest for Success

  • How to provide a secure future for yourself and your family
  • The investments with the greatest potential for safe, long-term increase in value
  • 5 Actions you can take today to start your journey towards financial independence


Investment Strategies

  • Factors you must evaluate before investing in a stock
  • The investment strategy that made Warren Buffett a fortune
  • Venture capitalists view this as the most important asset when investing in a company…why you should too.


Starting From Nothing

  • The number one way to build wealth from nothing…and no, it’s not through inheriting a fortune or becoming a movie star!
  • Why 80% of new businesses fail within ten years (the good news—all the qualities you need to succeed in business can be learned)
  • The main mental block that prevents people from saving…and how you can reverse this


Build Your OWN Business

  • How to use your job as a laboratory to learn the skills essential to business success…learn and get paid!
  • Mastering this skill will determine whether the bank will loan you money to start your business
  • Ways you can start generating a second income today…even if you work a full time job


Becoming Wealthy Overtime

  • 7 steps to assure you make the most money with the least amount of effort and loss
  • How to convince people to buy your product when there’s similar ones out there
  • If you want to be among the 1% of businesses that venture capitalists invest in, this quality ranks top on their list—do you have it?


Becoming an Entrepreneur

  • 16 ways to find ideas for your product. Become an idea-generating machine and never run out again!
  • An opportunity for you to learn more in a few hours than you could in days of research on your own…all for a small fee and a business card
  • Why criticism from others can actually help your business


Creative Marketing and Selling

  • To sell anything anywhere, all you need to do is master these five rules…but breaking any one of these rules could send you back to the drawing board
  • Build up your arsenal with 23 different methods for selling your product…learn the benefits of each and how to get started…with so many options, you’re sure to find at least one that works for you!
  • How the most successful Internet businesses generate massive profits (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Priceline all have this in common)


Getting the Money You Need

  • What’s really holding you back when it comes to starting your own business? (iIt’s NOT lack of money…once you realize what it is, you’ll see how easy it is to overcome)
  • How to reach the position where banks approach you with offers of money to grow your business…believe me, it’s an amazing position to be in!
  • How to get paid before your product is made, giving you all the cash you need for supplies and labor so you can relax and focus on making your product the best it can be


Making Money in Real Estate

  • Build a real estate portfolio to earn a steady flow of income, tax benefits, and financial independence for life
  • Investing in these upgrades will drastically enhance the house’s value so you make more money and rent it out faster
  • Pocket hundreds of dollars in extra cash each month leveraging other people’s money…master this technique over 6-10 years and you could be earning $30-50,000 a month!


Think and Grow Rich

  • How to unlock the money-making superpowers in your mind
  • Why creativity is NOT something you either have or don’t have (contrary to popular belief) but a skill you can learn
  • 8 ways to unleash more of your natural creativity—go from “I never come up with good ideas” to having an arsenal of brilliant ideas at your disposal so that you never run out!


Learn From The Best

  • 5 qualities revealed by the top men and women in their fields that explain why they consistently outperform their peers
  • How to determine what three tasks you should focus on to move to the top of your field and double your income in the shortest amount of time
  • How to piggyback on the knowledge of others to become an expert in your field


Leading the Field

  • 3 pathways to affluence (used successfully by millions of people) you can follow if you decide entrepreneurship is not for you
  • Rules followed by the happiest, healthiest, most successful people
  • Strategies you can implement to put your career on the fast track and ensure you earn the greatest amount of money in the shortest period of time

You’ll Also Gain Access to These Exclusive Bonuses

  • Strategic Achievement Digital Online Video

    Competition in business is greater than it’s ever been. However, by applying these marketing, sales, and leadership tactics, you’ll leave your competition in the dust time after time. Plus, these tools for achievement will help you transform your own life from the inside out, unleashing a happier, more confident, more productive you.
    • Why thinking of yourself as self-employed—even if you work for someone else—can transform your life
    • How to retrain your mind so you look forward to your most dreaded tasks
    • How changing one number you use to measure your success can transform your business (this strategy helped a symphony go from broke to booming!)

  • The Way to Wealth Digital PDF Workbook

    This step-by-step guide helps you develop a complete set of plans to guarantee results in every aspect of your business — based on the most effective strategies and tools implemented by the most profitable businesses. Save hours of trial and error and thousands of dollars wasted on tactics that don't work.
    • Think strategically so every step you take moves you closer to your ultimate goals
    • Improve your sales and profitability by analyzing other businesses’ successes and failures
    • Master every important business skill: marketing, advertising, sales, leadership, creating new products, and pricing

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Additionally, people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on programs focusing only on real estate, the stock market, or entrepreneurship.

So at $360 for this goldmine of information--that when utilized will make you millions--you are getting more than a bargain.

However, I realize the people who would benefit most from this program might not have $360 to spend.

That is why I am offering this program for a meager $177...

Yes, that’s right. $177.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Plus, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Try the techniques in the program for a full month, and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

So don’t delay your journey to
financial freedom for another day.

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