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Doubling Your Productivity

Doubling Your Productivity

DVD or Digital Video - 150 Minutes of Video

$75.00  $60.00  (you save 20%)

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“I accidentally discovered Brian Tracy 10 years ago and can honestly say it's changed my life. I became a top seller at my company and now have opened my own Advertising Agency. I have more free time than ever before as well! His programs will CHANGE your life if you let it!”

R Baird - Minneapolis, MN

“Dear Brian, I am a single mother from California. Before I listened to your CD, I was always in disarray. My house was a mess, my schedule was horrifying and I was really unhappy. But after I applied simplicity in my life, I became organized, I worked my way up to a promotion at work, and I spend a lot more time with my children. Even my kids seem happier. Thank you with all my heart for helping me to become a successful woman and a better mom.”

Rachel Hannigan - Pasadena, CA

“It occurred to me, that the people who I've heard talking about "never having enough time in a day" were the people who were still struggling. While I never heard that kind of talk from people who had made it to the top of their field. It's because the truly successful people all ready had these incredible skills of time management. It was and remains to be a fundamental key to their success. I have yet to reach the pinnacle of my game, but I'm coming up on it fast, thanks to Brian's programs.”

Rick Beckwith - New York, NY

“In general, Brian Tracy programs are overflowing with useful information, Packed with information. Commit yourself to learning from his lead and the ideas will become real and you will become productive. Some information is repeated on other programs, but that is good, and useful for repetition, which aids learning. I have several Tracy programs and I am not disappointed with any of them. Continue to listen over and over and soon the information will take root. A good teacher is successful when he/she effectively communicates to the student. Brian is a master at making clear the concepts he is trying to teach. If you do not understand at first, listen again and you will soon get the message.”

John Peeling - York, PA

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